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Art in Design: A blog about various artists, their work, and how art is implemented in many different mediums.

A new kind of art blog has taken the world by storm! If you’re looking for the latest art news and information on the contemporary art scene, then look no further than Art in Design. We’ve got all the latest information on the best galleries, museums and artists around. Information about exhibitions and artists’ profiles are constantly being updated as well as news on upcoming events such as auctions and gallery openings.

Art in design is a site dedicated to the discussion of various artists and their work. The site also covers various mediums in which an artist’s work can be implemented and the history behind them.

The blog is separated into two parts: The first part deals with the work of a particular artist, while the second features different mediums and how they are used as well as their history. The tone of the site is professional and informative.

This blog is all about art in design, providing information on the various artists, their works and how they are implemented and used in different mediums. We also provide information on various events that revolve around art and design. In addition, we inform you of the latest news related to the field of design and art.

Art in Design was created in order to share with everyone the beauty of art. We offer not just art but also tutorials. Whether you are a professional or just want to learn, we have something for you.


We will be offering many tutorials of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and other programs. We will also be posting videos on our YouTube channel.


We will be posting artwork that is both our original work and work from other artists. We hope that you will enjoy our creations and learn from them as much as possible.


If you are an artist who would like your artwork to be featured please contact us through our contact form here.

We are always looking for new artists to post on our blog so please let us know if you would like to feature your artwork on our blog by contacting us here .

Art Design is your creative resource for the freshest in art, design, music and fashion. From photography and painting to architecture and sculpture, follow Art Design on a journey into the creative world as we discover and share the latest in artworks from professional artists worldwide.

Our blog features an array of interesting topics including current events in the contemporary art world, profiles of leading artists across various art mediums, fresh new designs and innovative art projects.

Art Design also showcases collections of various artists within each category giving you a variety of artistic expressions to choose from. Whether you are looking for something specific or just want to browse our wide selection of trending art media, this blog will have something for everyone.

Thank you for stopping by Art Design! We hope you enjoy your visit and return often.

Design is not just about the shape of a product, but how it functions. Design is not just about what a product looks like, but how it feels. Design is not just about the surface, but what lies beneath.

My name is Cristian Bortes and I am a designer at Samsung Mobile. I started as an Industrial Designer but I have been working in the software design field for over 5 years now. In this blog we will explore different aspects of design and how they can be applied to the development of mobile and web applications. We will talk with top designers from around the world and learn from them in order to deliver amazing user experiences to our users. Please let us know what you think in the comments below each post or feel free to contact us directly:

Art & Design Blog by Samsung Mobile

Art & Design Blog by Samsung Mobile

Let’s get started!

The concept of “fine art” is controversial, and it is difficult to define. It is often used as a synonym for “creative art” or “visually artistic art”, and many people see it as tied to its historical meaning as the fine arts. The definition of fine art has been changed dramatically over time, however, such that the definition has become less specific.

The term can also be used broadly to refer to all the visual arts (including fine art), excluding crafts and design. Art movements that define themselves in distinction from fine arts can also be labeled under this term.

The definition of what constitutes “art” has been changed over time as well.[1] Though the definition varies depending on how the word is used, there are some themes common across all definitions of art: Art is distinct from nature and from science. Art must be useful for something other than simply being an object of someone’s appreciation. The meaning of something as art does not depend on its use or purpose; that which constitutes art in one culture may not do so in another, and what may be considered useless in one culture may be considered art in another.

Aesthetics (from Greek αἰσθητικό

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