Medical Art- Creates Beautiful and Affordable 3d Models

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Medical art creates beautiful and affordable 3D models for students. Medical art is a leading design and manufacturing company of anatomical models in the medical, dental, veterinary and chiropractic communities.

Medical art makes anatomically correct, affordable and high-quality human and animal models for medical students, educators and health care professionals. Medical art has been making high quality 3D models since 2004. Over the years, thousands of satisfied customers have purchased anatomical models from us.

Our mission at medical art is to provide 3D anatomical models that enable learning about anatomy through accurate depictions of the body’s systems. We offer hundreds of different anatomically accurate models made from durable materials. Our custom design service allows you to create your own model using images or drawings that you provide!

We make a variety of different types of 3D human and animal anatomical models: surgical instruments, human organs, complete human bodies, animal organs, bones and skeletons. The variety we offer allows us to accommodate any need while keeping prices low.

Medical art has been featured by many media outlets including Dr. Oz on his show “The Good Life,” The Huffington Post, CNN Newsource, Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Times (Front page article), “Life” magazine and more! We’ve

Medical art creates beautiful and affordable 3D models for students. Medical Art’s high quality 3D models are created with the same software used by physicians and artists, so they are anatomically accurate. Students can see the internal structures of the human body without cutting it open. Medical Art also offers 2D illustrations of anatomic structures for use in powerpoint presentations or reports.

Treatment planning software, such as Glia, uses Medical Art’s 3D models to plan radiation treatment, so that doctors can see how well the tumor will be treated by their planned radiation therapy before they start treatment.

Medical Art also creates custom-made 3D models of patients’ anatomy and pathology to be used in surgical simulation. Surgeons can practice difficult operations on lifelike models before they perform them on real patients to reduce complications and surgical errors.*

Medical art creates beautiful and affordable 3D models for students, teachers, and doctors. We create 3D models of human anatomy and pathology to create beautiful and affordable medical education resources.

Our team is a group of radiologists and medical illustrators that have been working in the field for many years. We are dedicated to providing students with an incredible resource at an affordable price.

We can create models of any size or complexity, from a simple model of the human heart to a full 3D model of a whole human body. The models we create can be used in Homeschooling or in the classroom as a visual aid in teaching human anatomy or pathology.

Tutors, professors, and teachers can use our models to help them illustrate complex ideas in their lessons. Customers can choose from a wide range of materials, colors and sizes to suit their needs.

Inspiring 3D models for students and doctors. Medical art creates beautiful and affordable 3d models for students to learn anatomy . An amazing number of medical schools use 3D printed models to teach anatomy. We offer a free service for students to print the models in our store at the lowest prices anywhere online.

First year students are surprised by how much seeing a model of the organs they are studying helps them recall the anatomy.

Medical art creates beautiful, affordable 3D models of human anatomy. Our models can be used in medical education and are also ideal for anyone studying anatomy, biology or healthcare professions. We use our models to help explain anatomy to students of all levels and ages.

Our models are made using the highest quality materials that are durable, flexible, and come with an amazing anatomical guide. All of our models are printed from a digital file; no molds needed, so there is no expense required to create the model.

Medical art provides the best 3d models in the medical field. The 3d models are perfect for students to look at and are perfect for professors to use as a teaching tool to teach their students. Medical art is also great for patients because they can see what a certain procedure will do to them before they actually do it. Medical art produces all types of models that are used in the medical field such as CT, MRI, PET, and ultrasound.

Medical models are used in anatomy and physiology classes as visual aids. Most medical schools purchase models from companies that specialize in making them. These models are expensive, ranging from $100 to $500 each. Our students at UCSF have no money, so we have developed a 3D printer that allows us to make them for less than $5 each.

The printer is the latest model of 3D printer made by Makerbot Industries Inc. It costs about $2,200 and can print models that are about 5″ tall and 4″ wide. The cost of printing is about 5 cents for these models, compared to about $50 for models purchased from a company that specializes in making them.

Our goal is to help students learn anatomy and physiology by providing them with affordable 3D models of the human body.

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