Marc Jones Makes a Splash In Miami’s Art Scene. An article about Marc Jones and his work.

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Marc Jones is a young Miami artist that has been taking the art world by storm with his fantastic works of art. There are very few artist in Miami that have taken their work as far as Marc has and there even fewer that have such an amazing portfolio to show for it.

In Miami there are many different kinds of art. There is the typical tourist art that you see on the beach front, then there is the more underground, Miami graffiti scene. Both scenes are incredibly unique and they both have their own distinct appeal. Marc Jones is a part of both scenes but he brings something extra to the table that makes him stand out from everyone else in his field.

The young artist was born and raised in Miami and his artistic abilities were evident at a very young age. He was always interested in drawing, painting and anything else that had to do with art from the get go. His parents were very supportive of his passion for art and they encouraged him to follow his dreams. As a child Marc took all kinds of different classes with different teachers who all helped him grow as an artist by developing his skills and teaching him new techniques. This experience helped him gain even more knowledge about the world of art and gave him the chance to meet new people in the industry which opened up many

Marc Jones is a sculptor you’ll want to keep an eye on. His work is very contemporary and displays a depth in the use of materials and the way he uses them to create the desired affect. Marc has completed many pieces of art from large to small scale. Each piece has different techniques, but all are made with a thoughtfulness, precision, and care.

Titled “Dance,” “The Mother” and “Orbit” were created with the use of various materials including: bronze, cast acrylic, steel, cement and aluminum. The “Dance” sculpture is 30 feet tall and weighs almost 8 tons (7,600 lbs). It was cast in bronze by the artist in a foundry in New Jersey. This sculpture is located at Miami International Airport’s new North Terminal area at the entrance near Concourse D baggage claim area.

The “Mother” sculpture is located at the main entrance to Mary Brickell Village on South Miami Avenue across from Miami City Hall.

The “Orbit” sculpture resides within the entrance rotunda of Smathers Beach Park on South Beach in Miami Beach. When he was chosen for this project Marc said it was one of his dreams come true.”

When you have a view of the ocean from the beach, why would you want to look at the same thing from your bathroom?

Miami artist Marc Jones has lived in South Florida for 12 years. He’s been painting and exhibiting his work locally since 1990, and his studio/gallery is in North Miami Beach. But it wasn’t until he landed in Miami that he began to experiment with what he calls “mirror paintings.”

“I’m fascinated by reflection,” says Jones, 53. “And when I discovered mirrors, I used them to reflect my paintings. It’s a way of taking something else that’s beautiful and making something out of it.”

Jones paints on glass panels because he likes the way light plays off their slick surface. His work is about perception, illusion and personal space. He uses his own reflection as an image within each piece. “If you’re looking at yourself in a mirror,” he says, “you’re looking at me looking at you.”

He doesn’t use brushes or rollers; instead he applies paint with his fingers (he considers them extensions of his mind), which gives his pieces an intimate feel. “It’s a very emotional process,” he says. “I’m expressing myself through my medium instead of just pushing paint around

Marc Jones, a man of many faces, has been working as an artist for over 35 years. His works are usually on canvas or paper and most of them are in the style of realistic painting. He likes to use oil as his medium to paint with.

He attended St. Johns University in New York. He went there to become an art teacher, but he ended up majoring in fine arts and minoring in education. After graduating in 1973, he moved down to Miami where he started teaching at Miami Jackson Senior High School.

The school system was going through some changes, so he thought it may be a good time to leave the school. So since he is an artist at heart, he decided to go into fine art full time.

Toward the end of his career as a teacher, he began taking on more freelance projects rather than teach. He went on to create various pieces for businesses and individuals that were scattered across the country. Some of his work can be seen at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and The National Gallery in Washington D.C.

Today Jones’ artwork is hung in galleries throughout the United States such as Jupiter Artland Studios, Charles Talbot Fine Arts Gallery, The Art Center of Hollywood Hills, The Art Emporium

The artist, Marc Jones, is a man of many talents. He is an accomplished painter and sculptor, but his art goes much further than that. It is actually his life’s work to bring people together and make them smile. His works are also not just for the eyes but for the mind as well. He aims to inspire people with his art and to give them something to talk about.

The first time I met Marc Jones was at a party in Coconut Grove where he was displaying some of his pieces. He was very professional and pleasant but I could immediately sense a certain energy about him. When I asked him about this, he told me that he was a person who lived life with an open heart and an open mind. That is exactly how he creates his art as well; he believes that every piece of art has a soul and that it is up to each individual observer to find it within the work itself.

Marc Jones does not create what you would consider traditional art pieces; instead he creates sculptures that are multi-dimensional in nature. They are sculptures on canvases or wooden panels that have been painted over so many times with different colors, textures and shapes that they seem three dimensional when viewed from different angles or in different types of light. His paintings are

Marc Jones is a talented artist and sculptor who has been honing his skills for many years. His work is featured in a variety of venues, including galleries and museums.

Born in the U.S., Marc spent his early years in Asia, where he began to develop an interest in art, even winning several competitions for his sculptures. He returned to the U.S. to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, from which he graduated with distinction in 1994. He then moved to New York City, where he has lived and worked ever since.

The versatility of Marc’s work is evident in the variety of pieces that feature on his website – – as well as examples available at Fine Art America, including a range of animal sculptures such as the one shown here:

This particular piece is made from bronze castings with a combination of glass eyes and natural gemstones for eyes, and stands 50cm high by 36cm wide by 30cm deep (20 inches high by 14 inches wide by 12 inches deep). It depicts the head and upper body of a graceful leopard set against

Jones’ work, which he calls “hyper-realism,” is the creation of a painstaking process that includes drawing, painting, sculpting and assembling. He even makes his own paints, some of which include crushed diamonds in their formulas.

Tortured to create such beautiful works? Not exactly. Jones says he has a passion for creating something from nothing. The fact that it takes so much time and effort is part of the art itself.

“I just like to see if I can do things that other people haven’t done before,” said Jones, who was born in South Africa and lived in Europe before coming to the United States 25 years ago.

“All the work is about testing my technical skills against nature,” he said. “And it’s about hope — the hope that one day I’ll be able to do this.”

Jones’ favorite subject is birds — though he won’t say why — and his most popular series features pheasants, often caught in flight. His past projects have included silk-screening an image onto each piece of a chessboard and assembling an actual board made from hundreds of pieces of ivory carved into tiny elephants.

Nothing is wasted in Jones’ artwork: He uses every last bit of glue he applies to a

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