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On our website, you will find some of the most unique tree art available anywhere. We are not a large corporation, nor are we mass producing these pieces. Each one is hand crafted and therefore no two pieces are alike. We do not use “cookie cutter” type molds to create our art; every piece is hand carved from a fallen tree or logs that have been salvaged.

Trees have long been an inspiration for artists, and the majestic beauty of trees in winter is truly breathtaking. These frozen tree branches make excellent mediums for us to create functional art forms such as coat racks, towel racks, lamp stands, table tops and even jewelry! Our high quality workmanship and attention to detail can be seen in each piece that leaves our shop.

The possibilities are endless when you choose to showcase your favorite hobby with one of our many functional pieces. Love to golf? We’ve got it! Enjoy boating? We’ve got that too! Hunting? Fishing? Gardening? Who knows…we may even have a piece or two that you can use around your home or office to display your love for it! If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us; we’d be happy to help!

There is also an entire category

I have been making custom artwork with trees since 1997. In the early years I had to do all the work myself. At first it was just a hobby, and then it became my job when I left high school (I started working on trees when I was sixteen).

Now, after fifteen years of working in this field, I have finally decided to share my techniques and methods of working with trees as an artist. To do that, I have created a blog called where I will be posting new articles and ideas about how to create and design your own custom tree art.

This blog is designed for people who want to learn about my art and how it is created. It is also for professional artists who are interested in learning advanced techniques from a master of the craft. This site will not only teach you how to work with trees and create your own artwork, but will also show you how to get these new ideas out into the world through shows and exhibitions.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Whether you live in a city or the suburbs, we can create wood art from your tree. We can create any custom wood art or sculpture from your tree that you wish. We will create your dream memorial or family heirloom using the wood of your tree.

We are artists who use nature’s own materials to create custom wood art and sculptures. We specialize in creating a variety of custom wood art and sculptures including:

– Wood Memorials

– Wood Sculptures

– Custom Furniture

– Wooden Signs+AND MUCH MORE!++

The possibilities are endless with what we can create for you! We work with all types of trees including: Live Oak, Pine, Maple, Redwood, Cedar, and more!

We also install Natural Stone Monuments and Granite Headstones.

Our goal is to provide you with wooden art that is not only unique but also affordable to fit within your budget. Our team of designers, carvers and craftsmen often go above and beyond for each customer to ensure their complete satisfaction.

“This is not your typical blog,” says the owner of this blog, which is a showcase for his work. The idea behind it is that he can draw attention to his art and maybe sell some pieces. And if people like what they see, maybe they will visit his shop in person.

The blog’s homepage is a good example of how to write one with an eye to sales. It features five different tree-themed items in various colors and styles. Each item has a full-page photo, a brief description, and a “buy” button — just click if you want one!

There are other sections of the blog as well. One contains tutorials that show how he makes his art; another section has short essays about the inspirations for his work; another has links to his shop; and there’s also an FAQ page so you can find answers to questions like “What does it cost?” or “How big are these things?”

The design of the site is excellent: everything is easy to find, it’s clear what goes where, and there are no distractions from the task at hand — namely, shopping for tree art.

The Tree Art Blog is a weekly blog featuring original tree art, tree art designs, and other posts about tree art and the people who create it. The blog also features an Ask the Artist section where readers can ask questions of the artists featured on the blog.

Trees are living things that are as unique as we are. They have a story to tell, but it takes time and patience to learn that story. In most cases you must become friends with a tree before it will share its secrets with you. You need to walk around the tree, touching the bark and looking closely at it to see its texture and color, noticing how light works on it and how leaves move in breezes. Over time you can see how each branch interacts with other branches and how they interact with the trunk. After looking at trees for awhile you begin to notice patterns in them, patterns that repeat on many trees; patterns that make each tree unique from all other trees. Eventually you learn enough about trees to be able to tell a lot about them just by looking closely at them. This is when a tree will begin to share its secrets with you.”

Are you looking for a unique Christmas or birthday gift idea? features fine tree carvings that capture the spirit and memories of the holidays.

We hope you will enjoy seeing our work and perusing our site.

As a kid, I loved to climb trees. I guess everyone did. Climbing trees was a major part of growing up.

But as I got older, things changed. My friends stopped climbing trees and began other activities instead. I never stopped climbing though; I still love it today.

   As I got older, I began to notice the beauty of trees and the wonderful things they do for us, like providing shade on a hot summer day or helping protect the environment from pollution.

   Trees are a gift from nature that we must learn to appreciate because many people don’t recognize their value. Since many cities are becoming more crowded every year and we are losing our green spaces, it’s important to keep as many trees as possible. Trees also help people by giving them a place to relax or get away from the city’s noise.

The reason I started my tree art blog is because there are so many beautiful trees out there that need to be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone but most of them go unnoticed. Many people don’t realize how valuable they are until they need one for shade on a hot day or some other purpose.

   I’m hoping my blog will help people see the beauty in trees again and help everyone realize how important they are to our daily

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