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Art flower is made by hand. There is a lot of time, dedication, and care put into each piece. The flowers are made using the finest materials available and dyed using professional grade colorants. Every flower can be reused and can last for years depending on how well they are cared for.

We use only the finest quality dried pampas grass stems in the production of our flowers. Each piece is carefully wire wrapped with a single strand of wire to ensure a long lasting flower that will not lose its shape over time.

Every flower is hand dyed to ensure that no piece is exactly alike and that every piece has its own unique character. Dyeing our flowers allows us to create a variety of different colors from subtle earth tones to vibrant, almost neon colors. The flowers are then trimmed and wired together individually so that no two flowers are exactly alike.”

The blog is an online resource where you can learn more about the art flower, view other customers’ art flower creations, and find information on how to get started making your own. The blog features a wide range of content from instructional videos demonstrating techniques for creating your own original art flowers to instructive articles providing tips on coloring techniques and showing examples of different floral styles created with various color combinations.

The blog also features interviews with world-renowned artists as well as ordinary people who have used the art flower in their everyday lives and be inspired by the way it has enhanced their creativity, helped them reconnect with their inner child, and given them a chance to express themselves creatively in new ways. We encourage you to check out the blog regularly for new posts, videos, and information on support materials that you might want to purchase if you decide to get into making your own art flowers.

The blog section also contains photos of our products in action or featured by our customers at parties, weddings, special events or just around the house – some even use the art flowers as decorations for their vehicles!

Our hope is that by sharing our stories and experiences with you, we will help you get a greater appreciation of how the arts can improve

I have been making art flowers for some time now, and I am still learning new things. There is a long list of things I don’t know very well. I know that there are many people who like my art flower and buy them. I have sold over 20,000 pieces of my art flowers in the past year alone.

The first thing to know about making art flowers is that you can buy every single material needed to make them on line at sites like ETSY or You don’t need to go to a craft store at all.

The second thing is that most of the supplies are cheap, often less than $10 for enough supplies to make dozens of art flowers.

The third thing is that you can machine sew by hand if you want to, but it is faster and easier to use a sewing machine.

The fourth thing is that you can use good paper or card stock or recycled paper or newspaper if you like, but it takes longer and requires more skill.

I will tell you about all those things in this blog as I learn more myself.”

I love to create art flower work with all the colors, patterns, and textures. I have 500+ art flower in my home and I think it is a great decoration that makes my home feel warm and comfortable. You might like to view an online store that sells art flower:

Art flower can be used as a home decoration or even an office decoration. It gives a good atmosphere in your room, which makes you happy and relaxed each time you enter your room. The flowers are made out of paper, which is eco-friendly since it doesn’t use any chemicals or dyes to produce them.

The beauty of art flower lies not only in its good quality but also in the unique design made by the artist. The beauty of the flowers can hardly be replicated by manmade artwork and each one is a true masterpiece created by hand with love, care and creativity.”

Art Flower is made by hand. It is a product of enthusiasm and love. We are always trying to improve our products, and we think that this is the best way to do it: by listening to all your comments, suggestions, opinions and requests.

Art Flower is made with passion for details and incredible attention to the finish.

You can trust us because we are working hand in hand with our customers; this collaboration allows us to develop new projects, new materials and new colours in a constant search for perfection.

We have worked hard to create Art Flower: we chose the best of raw materials, perfected the design process and developed an exclusive finishing method.

The result is a unique collection of products that are innovative not only in their design but also in their production process.

An elegant and timeless product, 100% Made in Italy with European quality standards

Art flowers are made by artists who take two or more artworks and arrange them on a canvas to create a new artwork. They can be as simple as just two pieces of art, or something more complex. Often it is hard to tell where the original pieces of art begin and end.

We have seen many art flowers that use only one piece of art, and they are usually not very creative. But when more than one piece of art is used, the possibilities are endless! There is no limit to what you can make with different pieces of art, especially if you can remix your own artwork.

Sometimes an artist wants to make an abstract art flower, but there still needs to be some artistic quality to the final artwork. This is achieved by making sure that each piece of art in the final work adds something to the overall design of the artwork. Maybe one piece has vivid colours, another has interesting shapes, and yet another has a great texture. When you put them all together on a canvas you get a bigger picture that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We will show you how to choose pieces of art for your artwork and how to arrange them on your canvas so that the final product looks like an original painting – just like we do!

Now i could fill a book with what i have learned in the last few years. But i will keep it short. The most important thing is to have fun and to do what you love and what makes you happy! 🙂 As a florist we are creating something magic out of flowers and this magic is given to other people to cherish it and take care of it. So its important that the flowers you choose will bring your client something special and make them feel good!

It is important to know that there are many different ways of arranging flowers, depending on your style and the occasion of course. These are some styles that i use but every arrangement goes with any other style so its up to you as a florist to decide how you want to arrange your flowers.

Tunisian Style: This style is used for events like weddings or anniversaries where you want an elegant look for your table for example, this style will give you some height because the flowers go upwards. The main thing here is that the stems don’t show, they should be hidden under each other using different shapes like spheres or bottles or even glasses. The stems can be twisted together or tied together in order to give some height. Then attach them to a flat surface by fixing them

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