JWD Art Space (Jakarta) Opening Celebration

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On April 5th, 2013, JWD Art Space (Jakarta) will have it’s first opening. We are planning to have a special evening with drinks and music in the afternoon and then a party in the evening starting at 19:00.

We need your help to make this happen!

We have put together some sponsorship packages and will be offering a variety of creative rewards for those who support us. Please check out the different options available and consider supporting us by pledging.

The different sponsorship levels are listed on the right side of this page or you can go directly to www.jwdartspace.com/sponsor and find out more about each level there.

**Please note that all donations are non-refundable but you will receive your rewards if we reach our goal! **

We need your help to make this happen! Please tell your friends, family, colleagues and other interested parties about this project so they can join in too! You can also share the link on facebook or twitter by clicking on the facebook or twitter buttons to the right of the video.

JWD Art Space is a new art space opened in Jakarta, Indonesia on 1 April 2015. It was initiated by three artists: Jhon W.D.i., Widya Ningsih and Wijaya Kusuma, who came from the same generation in the 1980s and graduated from the same high school.

The opening celebration of JWD Art Space was held in the building of Dago Pakar (a coffee shop) just next to JWD Studio in Senopati area, Central Jakarta on 1 April 2015. The celebration was an exhibition of works by invited artists and also a group art performance by JWD artists themselves. The exhibition and the performance were free for public attendance.

Art space JWD (Jakarta Warehouse District) opens today. It is the first art space to be established in the peripheral area of Kuningan, Jakarta. The organizer is Yoshi Wada so it has a special meaning for contemporary music scene in Jakarta – most of the musicians involved are friends of Yoshi and come from his circle, which makes this event extra special.

Toshiya Tsunoda will play there tomorrow at 7 pm.

Today’s program started with a talk by Yoshi himself, who was accompanied by Marcello Ferro (the founder of Studio Alchimia) and Abdul Gani Samsudin, who is the curator of JWD Art Space. After that we watched a performance from the Yama-Sunsoh Band, which was really very good. They played traditional Japanese music but with radical arrangements and powerful improvisation. I recommend checking them out if you get a chance!

After that was the opening ceremony itself, where they cut the ribbon and everything… I think they were even going to give me a key to the place but as I didn’t actually live there yet they decided it would be more appropriate to give me one later instead…

Then we all had dinner together – my portion was particularly small but I

For the past month, I have been nervous about my upcoming exhibition in Jakarta. I was concerned that the show would not be well received, or worse yet, that no one would show up.

Tengku Arief and Mayang Prasetyo of JWD Art Space were reassuring friends, but as gallerists themselves, they were also realistic about the challenges of organizing events in a foreign country.

Despite these concerns, I was also hopeful. Art is inherently political. My work attempts to understand and critique social institutions such as family, religion, and education by examining their power structures. But does this sort of content resonate in Indonesia? Or better asked, can art with a critical message be appreciated alongside other genres at an art space?

The opening was a resounding success. The turnout was far beyond anything I could have expected; there was standing room only (literally). The diversity of people in attendance was heartening and refreshing; artists, journalists, poets, academics, students–people from all walks of life had come out to enjoy our work together. In fact, the audience was so engaged and interactive that it felt more like an event than a gallery opening!

I am grateful to Tengku Arief and Mayang Prasetyo for

(Photos are not copyrighted)

Some of the Jakarta’s art communities, in collaboration with JakArt, have artistically expressed their ‘thanks’ to JWD (Jakarta Warehouse Directory) for their significant contribution to the development of Jakarta’s art scene through the form of a collaborative exhibition. The exhibition is titled JWD Art Space and it was held at JWD office on Friday, February 15th.

Titled “JWD Art Space”, the exhibition was initiated by some of Jakarta’s art communities including Seni Tapioka, Lembaga Kreatifitas Muda (LKM), Kumpulan Seni Indonesia (KASI), and Gajah Gallery in collaboration with JakArt as a thank-you gift for 10 years presence of JWD directory in Jakartan art scene. The opening of this exhibition took place on Friday, February 15th at JWD office with the attendance of some Jakarta’s cultural sector representatives such as Mr. Ade Irwansyah (Chairman of Forum Kerukunan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia – FKKBI), Mr. Yudhi Mahfudz (Regional Manager of Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia – YKIN), Ms.

JWD Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of its new exhibition “Two Women of Surrealism”, a continuation of the series “Four Women of Surrealism”.

The exhibition opens tonight, 20th May, at 6.30 pm with a performance by the artist Ingrid Muan, and will run for one month.

Although JWD has its origins in Surrealism and its exhibitions reflect that, it is not a gallery specialising in Surrealist art. Rather than being an art gallery or an organisation promoting Surrealism, JWD is a community of artists with a shared interest in Surrealism who have decided to share their artworks among themselves.

The principle behind JWD is to explore the connections between creativity and human relationships. We believe that relationships in general and women’s relationships in particular can be powerful catalysts for artistic expression.

JWD has no permanent home but is a nomadic experiment in collective creativity. It aims to create an environment where artists can present their work to other artists, discuss it together and develop their ideas further. A space where artists can meet each other virtually or physically; show their work; exchange information or simply talk about anything that inspires them.

The art space is located in jl. Daan Mogot no. 5A, Central Jakarta. It’s a pretty cool location, not far from Museum Nasional or Istiqlal Mosque, and the central post office is on the same road as well.

Took under 10 minutes to walk here from the Cikini bus terminal. The address is pretty easy to find on google maps, and there’s also a map here: http://goo.gl/maps/U6jM2

The place itself is very nicely decorated. With some installations by artist friends of mine and some party atmosphere music playing in the background, it made me feel like I was at an art show (or a party) immediately upon entering the space.

The opening celebration was supposed to start at 8pm but I got there slightly earlier and managed to get some pictures from inside before too many people arrived. Here they are: http://imgur.com/a/1KQ7b

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