Is your dog bored? Here are a few simple ways to Keep your dog busy

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It is not fun to be bored, and it is even less fun to see your dog bored. How do you keep your dog happy? Here are a few ideas to help your dog spend less time alone and more time playing.

Your dog needs stimulation and attention, just like people. If you don’t provide it for them, they will find it somewhere else. They will get into trouble, or just catch lots of unneeded attention. Add some variety to their lives by trying some new activities with them. Go for a walk around the block and bring along a couple of tennis balls to toss around or try out a new dog park in the area. You can also make things at home more interesting by purchasing some interactive toys that will keep them busy while you’re away.*

If your dog is already getting the exercise they need during walks, try adding things like agility training or a doggy daycare to their schedule if possible. Playtime isn’t necessarily just about chasing a ball around the yard with you either. Get creative with your pet! Try hiding treats all over the house for them to hunt down and puzzle toys that both entertain them as well as give them a mental workout are also great options for keeping your pet engaged.*

Your dog can learn from you too

It’s been a hectic week, so I’ve not been able to stop by as much as I would like. However, I have gotten a lot of great feedback from you all on how you keep your dogs busy!

I am excited to share this with you and help out those who are looking for any no-cost or low cost ways to keep their dogs occupied.

My family and I have rescued many animals in our lifetime including: 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 birds. All of these animals were abandoned or given up by their owners because they were bored and needed something new and exciting in their lives.

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Unfortunately most dogs don’t receive the mental stimulation they crave. Once they are tired from a long run or walk, they want to relax just like we do… but it doesn’t last long!

If your dog is having trouble entertaining himself or herself when you can’t play with him or her, try some of these tips so everyone can be happy!

How do you keep your dog busy? Are you a dog owner and are looking for ways to keep your pet busy? Do you want to know more about your dog and how to keep it busy and happy? If so, then read on, because this is the place where you will find all the information that you need.

Dog toys are an important aspect of owning a dog. They can provide hours of entertainment, and they also help to maintain their mental well-being. However, not all toys are suitable for all dogs. There are some dogs that can get through even the toughest toys within minutes, but this is rare. In most cases, even the toughest toys will last longer than their owners expect them to.

The way that you choose your dog toy is important. You should always choose a toy that is appropriate for your dog’s size and strength. It doesn’t matter how tough the toy is if it gets destroyed in seconds by a small puppy or kitten! On the other hand, if you buy a chew toy that is too tough for your adult dog to destroy, it won’t be any good either.

Dogs have lots of energy and keeping them active will not only make them happier, but it will prevent them from developing bad habits such as chewing

All dogs will love the Hide and Seek game, but you must be aware that they can lose interest quickly. This is why it is a good idea to mix it up by using different toys and hiding in different places.


Your dog will love any kind of toy that makes a noise or moves around. Small balls, rubber ducks, squeaky toys, and musical toys are all excellent choices.

Squeaky toys can be used for Hide and Seek by tying them to a string or rope so your pet will be able to drag the toy around behind him. Be sure to supervise your dog when he has one of these toys as he will chew on it and try to break off pieces of it.

Most dogs love bones and chewing on them helps keep their teeth clean. You can also hide treats inside of them for added amusement.

When your dog is younger you may need to provide some supervision as he plays with his toys so that he does not swallow anything too small or choke on something that he manages to break off of his toy.

Hiding Places

Anywhere in your home would make a great place for your dog to go searching for you. A closet, under the bed, inside a cardboard box, even behind the pillows on

You can do more with your dog than most people realize. It’s not just dogs that love to dig, they need to be able to dig and burrow in the dirt. So give them a sandbox or a place to dig, like a large plastic box with some old towels in it. They will love it and you’ll find them often in their “den” looking very content.

Cats are very similar and need to scratch. So buy them a scratching post and put it near their food dish. They’ll use it every time they eat, so make sure you have multiple scratching posts around the house.

The best thing though is if you have 2 cats, put 2 scratching posts near each other and put their food dishes next to those posts. You’ll be surprised how often they’ll both use the posts at the same time!

It’s important for all animals to have an outlet for their energy and some fun toys to play with.

You can find great toys at pet stores, but also make sure you get some of the simple things like ping pong balls or tennis balls and let them chase them around the house! It sounds silly, but this is one of my cat’s favorite games! He just runs after it until he catches it, then

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