Introducing Tulips and Butterflies

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A blog about an amazing art piece that was displayed at a wonderful gallery. It is a must see for anyone who loves art in general and artistic creativity in particular.

Introducing Tulips and Butterflies: A blog about an amazing art piece that was displayed at a wonderful gallery. You will also find out all about the artist and how she created this amazing piece of artwork.

This amazing art piece is part of the current exhibition at The Noyes Museum in Oceanville, New Jersey, which is now open to the public until June 21, 2013. Called Tulips and Butterflies, it is an incredible exhibit of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works of art by a number of different artists.

Using words like “unique”, “amazing” and “extraordinary” to describe this work is an understatement as you will soon learn when you visit the website below to view some of the incredible artwork on display as well as additional information on the artists and the focal point of this exhibit – Tulips and Butterflies.

Tulips and Butterflies: A blog about an amazing art piece that was displayed at a wonderful gallery.

The Tulip Man is a beautiful, majestic and realistic oil painting that has been on display at the Artistic Gallery of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland since October 2016. It is created by artist Wojtek Kolasa, who creates realistic paintings of everyday life.

It took him over two months to create this masterpiece; he worked diligently to paint each petal with different shades of red, yellow and orange. Every flower has its own unique pattern and shape. The artist also added a butterfly which gently hovers above the tulip, drawing attention to some of the most beautiful details painted on this piece.

The painting measures 25 inches tall by 35 inches wide. It is oil on canvas with a golden frame surrounding it that adds another level of elegance. The painting has been sold for $4,100 and can be purchased from . It is a great addition to any collection of art or simply displayed in your living room as a great conversation starter.


Art enthusiasts are always looking for new forms of art and different ways to be creative. That’s why a blog about the Tulips and Butterflies art piece is popular among many people. The blog introduces readers to the artist’s philosophy and his style.

The Tulips and Butterflies art piece was displayed at a wonderful gallery, which has been helping artists express their creativity for over twenty years. The gallery is one of the most popular places for art lovers all over Europe, which makes it a perfect place for the artist to show his work. The exhibition had a huge impact, because the art piece was unlike anything anyone had ever seen or produced before.

The artist says that he made this art piece in order to turn our attention to the beauty of nature. He also wanted to show how we sometimes forget about the small things in life, but how there is beauty in everything if you just look closely enough.

On April 24th, the Laura Simon Gallery hosted an opening reception for Tulips and Butterflies, a new exhibit by artist Lynn McCrossin.

The piece took more than two years to complete, but it is well worth the wait. In fact, I can honestly say that this is one of my most favorite pieces of art that I have ever seen or come across in my life! This art piece has everything: imagination, creativity and inspiration. As you watch the butterflies flutter from flower to flower, you become so mesmerized by this piece that you simply forget about everything else around you. And since it is a video art piece it just keeps going and going …

To learn more about this amazing artist, please visit her website at:

If you are in the Las Vegas area, do go see Lynn’s piece at the Laura Simon Gallery. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

Amazing Art Piece

I have seen many paintings and sculptures in my lifetime, but never have I seen anything as incredibly beautiful as Tulips and Butterflies. The artist behind this piece is named Linda Fregni Nagler. She was born in New York State and currently resides in Princeton, New Jersey. After earning her Master’s degree from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, she worked as a fabric designer for a fashion company and later became an art teacher at a local high school. Seven years ago she began her current project: painting tulip petals.

What began simply with painting individual tulip petals quickly grew into larger-scale paintings that combine hundreds of painted flowers with carefully drawn butterflies. Her most recent piece, Tulips and Butterflies, depicts two delicate butterflies emerging from flower stems to flutter freely in a garden setting. This dreamlike scene is set against a rich blue background that evokes the feeling of an open sky above. Although the picture itself is huge – it stands seven feet tall by five feet wide – each flower and butterfly is painstakingly painted on a small scale, so that upon close inspection you can see the tiny brush strokes that make up each petal or wing.

The painting is part of an exhibit titled “The Art of Nature”

In the spring of 2010, Tulips and Butterflies was installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. This unique piece was created by internationally renowned artist Janet Echelman. It is an aerial sculpture that covers a large part of the museum’s interior space.

“The sculpture is made from soft, translucent fabric, which is stretched and stitched over a series of steel hoops that are supported by a scaffold structure hanging from the ceiling.”

Janet Echelman’s Tulips and Butterflies has been called indoor cloud-making. I totally agree with this statement. The sculpture looks like it is made of clouds that flow and move in the air. As you walk around the area you can see how the sculpture changes as your perspective changes. With every step you take, you see a piece of art that you missed before. The artist has created something really amazing here!

Tulips and Butterflies is a spectacular piece of art that everyone should see in person!

Tulips and Butterflies is a sculpture created by the award winning artist, Marc Chagall. This piece of art was made out of over 40 tons of steel, 3,000 sheets of glass and a staggering amount of paint. For more than two decades, this sculpture served as an iconic landmark for the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

This sculptural canopy was designed as a tribute to Marc Chagall’s love for his wife, Valentina Brodsky. Since she had always found inspiration in flowers, butterflies and even in their own home’s architecture, he decided to incorporate all these elements into their new home.

The artist went on to create over 90 stained glass windows that were installed into the museum’s walls. Those pieces of work were created with the help of several assistants who worked with him; they also helped in the making of this amazing canopy that is Tulips and Butterflies.

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