Illustrating the Beauty of Nature

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A blog about artists inspired by nature and their life stories. We are a small team of writers, artists, photographers, and enthusiasts. We seek to spread awareness of the beauty around us.

We believe that there is something beautiful in everything and everyone, and are inspired to share our thoughts and ideas through art, writing, photography, videos, and many other mediums. We have dedicated ourselves to making affordable art available to everyone. To purchase affordable prints or learn more about us visit

Artists, like all human beings, are deeply moved by nature. We find in nature not only the wonders of its creation – mountains, rivers, the beauty of plants and animals – but also a source of inspiration for our own creations.

From the sketches of Paul Klee to the woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer, from the paintings of Claude Monet to the sculptures of Henry Moore, artists have continually drawn inspiration from nature. And we continue today to find new ways to use elements found in nature in our modern art.

The Beauty of Nature is a blog about artists inspired by nature and their life stories. Our goal is to create an online resource where you can learn more about your favorite artists, and discover new ones. Stay tuned as we continue to add new stories and artists!

The idea to create affordable art and make it available for everyone has been on my mind for a while. I have been thinking about showcasing artists from all over the world who create their own art from nature. I wanted to reach out to bloggers and get them involved too. This way I can share these amazing works of art with millions of people who may not know about them.

This was a dream that I had that came true because of an awesome community that got together and helped me make this happen. Now we also have an official website:

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Artists have always been inspired by nature. It is a rich source of inspiration for them, offering boundless possibilities for new ideas. The natural world provides artists with its beauty and variety.

Artists from all over the world are inspired by nature and use it as their main source of inspiration when creating their artworks. It is not surprising that such a powerful source of inspiration has always been popular among artists. However, modern artists put more emphasis on the relationship between people and nature and try to show how our lives depend on it.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

Art is a very broad term. In this post I will describe paintings and drawings which are created by artists to express their feelings about nature and the surrounding environment.

You may say that these do not form a complete representation of nature and its beauty, but it is the beauty that matters. The fact that we are able to read the inner significance of things that surrounds us is what forms our bond with nature. Even if these works do not necessarily present an accurate picture of nature, they can still be considered as being true to life because they definitely show people a glimpse of its inner meaning.

I personally love looking at the pictures presented in this article because they really give me inspiration and strength to keep on living my life closely connected with nature.

There’s no telling why an artist chose to work in a particular medium. Maybe it’s because s/he wanted to express something that couldn’t be said in words, or capture a fleeting moment, or offer an alternative point of view.

Artist Jen Guyton says that for her “it’s about the making and the process.” She works mainly with watercolors — she loves their spontaneity and the fact that you can never quite predict what will happen because “there are so many variables: the weather, your mood, the subject matter, etc.”

She has many diverse interests and talents. She loves working en plein air — painting outdoors in natural light. In addition to watercolors, she also paints in oil and acrylics, makes sculpture installations and conceptual pieces, writes poetry and songs, sings, plays several instruments and dances. She has even made jewelry.

The primary influence on her art is nature. Her blog offers insights into nature as well as examples of her work. Her paintings include landscapes such as mountains and forests; city scenes; portraits; still lifes; animals; and abstracts.

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