IKEA is Getting into the Art Market and we want you to participate

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IKEA is Getting into the Art Market and we want you to participate: A blog to advertise the upcoming IKEA Art Event. We are looking for writers with an interest in art, design and architecture, the ability to write in a compelling manner about issues you care about, and a passion for the subject matter.

The IKEA Art Event will take place over three days in 2021 at one of IKEAs flagship stores in any city of your choosing. The event will be free for everyone to attend and include workshops on DIY furniture making with IKEA, talks from leading artists, designers and architects on their work’s relationship to IKEA, as well as panel discussions on contemporary issues relevant to the home.To learn more visit www.ikea-artevent.com

IKEA is not able to pay contributors but can offer you exposure within our online channels.

IKEA is Getting into the Art Market and we want you to participate: A blog to advertise the upcoming IKEA Art Event. As an artist, you should be proud. You have created something that has moved people. Now IKEA wants it for a low price.

IKEA is now planning an art event in 2021. The first of its kind and size, it will be a once in a lifetime chance for artists to get their work out to the masses. No longer will artists have to rely on public funding or private donations from rich collectors. With IKEA’s production network and distribution network, the works will be seen by millions of customers throughout the world!

IKEA will choose 10 artists who will each create one piece of art that they are most proud of. These pieces of art will then be put on display at IKEA stores around the world. Some pieces might also be used as decor in select stores. After three months, IKEA will put these works up for sale at half-price*. Once all 10 pieces are sold, IKEA plans to put them back on display in different locations around the world.*


To apply, simply submit your best piece of art no later than December

“IKEA is Getting into the Art Market and we want you to participate”― what would be an appropriate reaction to this announcement?

The IKEA Art Event aims to make art more accessible for the masses. The event, which will take place in 2021, will present the results of a competition open to everyone who wants to participate. The winner will receive $1 million and their work will be sold at IKEA in all its stores.

The competition ―which is open from now until November 30, 2013― consists of creating an artwork that can be reproduced and sold as a readymade product at IKEA. The artist has total freedom in choosing the medium and size of the artwork and can define his or her own terms for reproducing it. The only requirement is that the work costs less than $100 to produce and that it can be bought in whole or in part (for example, a painting could be bought together with a frame).

To enter the competition, artists must submit a video presentation (maximum two minutes) in English explaining their project. Entries must include the artist’s first name, surname, country of origin and contact details (email address and phone number). In addition, they must post the presentation on Youtube or Vimeo with

We are pleased to announce that IKEA is getting into the art market and we would like you to take part.

We are looking for people who can create art, design and construct an installation that is inspired by IKEA products. The work must be functional, built using real IKEA products as well as other products/materials/found objects, if desired.

The Art Event will be a one day event hosted at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on May 15th, 2021.

After the event the pieces will be donated to local non-profits or displayed in an exhibition at MoMA for one year.

The theme of the event is “IKEA: Open for Business” and we encourage all participants to submit work that is inspired by this idea.

The deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2021. An announcement of shortlisted artists will be made on February 15th and final submissions must be received no later than March 31st, 2021. All work must be ready to install on May 15th, 2021.

Dear Esteemed Artists,

We are the IKEA Art department and we are here to tell you that IKEA is getting into the art market!

We have heard reports of your discontent with our current works of art and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to personally invite you to participate in our upcoming art event. We hope to create a more direct link between artists and art lovers by giving away 50% of our profits in exchange for your participation.

The event will take place on September 10th, 2021 at noon (GMT+1) in IKEA stores across the globe. We have created a location in each store where we will display your work on pedestals, charging an entrance fee of $0.01 USD per person (children 7 years old or younger are free). Your work will be displayed for exactly two hours after which it will be taken down and stored at our warehouse. On October 20th, 2021 we will then auction off all the exhibited works online. This process is made possible by the generous donation from Mr. & Mrs. Ingrid Persson’s Foundation for a Better Tomorrow.

The main objective of this project is to give people easy access to high quality art that they can enjoy everyday without having to go to museums

**It is our pleasure to announce that IKEA is entering the Art Market in 2021. As well as becoming a major collector of contemporary art, IKEA will be hosting an annual Art Event as part of its annual InterIKEA catalog. The company are inviting new and established artists to submit proposals for works to be shown at this inaugural event.

We have been working closely with IKEA since 1981 and are delighted that they are moving into the art market.**

One of the most common criticisms leveled at IKEA is that they have no soul. They offer affordable, good-looking furniture, but it is just that—furniture. It doesn’t reflect you, your interests, your personality, or your values.

But what if that could change? What if an IKEA store was more than just a store? What if it was also a community center and art gallery?

The Art Event will be exactly that: A temporary art gallery in which IKEA will show off art from local artists (and maybe from some not so local artists). We’ll hold events there, like workshops and classes and lectures. And we’ll make the whole thing interactive—there will be places for people to contribute their own art to the exhibit.

We want you to be a part of it! Send us photos of your art at ikeaartevent@gmail.com and tell us why you should be chosen to display your work at the Art Event in 2021!

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