If there is only one artist that can truly be called genius of the art world, it’s HR Giger.

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In the art world, HR Giger is considered to be a genius who is much ahead of his time. He’s very original and cannot be compared to any other artist. His work has influenced many people in different fields.

HR Giger is one of the most important and influential artists of our time. His work has been acknowledged by famous directors like Ridley Scott and George Lucas, and admired by other artists like Salvador Dali and Jean Giraud (Moebius).

Giger’s paintings are dark, strange and disturbing but always fascinating. His detailed bio-mechanical style featured in his paintings, sculptures and furniture has become a hugely popular image in science fiction movies.

He’s got a unique style that can be recognized from miles away. HR Giger’s artworks are strange creatures made of human body parts, sometimes entwined with mechanical parts and alien technology. Many people find it creepy, ugly or scary but also fascinating and beautiful at the same time. In fact, no one can look at it without feeling something.

HR Giger is a Swiss artist and designer. He is mostly known for his airbrushed paintings with biological themes and for the designs for two movies: Alien, directed by Ridley Scott and Poltergeist 2, directed by Tobe Hooper.

Also, he was nominated for an Oscar for his design work on the movie Alien. He was born in 1940 in Chur, Switzerland. His father was a pharmacist. HR Giger grew up in a family of artists and started drawing at the age of 5. At the age of 17 he attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Zurich. In 1962 he was drafted into the Swiss army and served in Germany as an infantryman. After one year he was released from service due to bad health.

In 1973 HR Giger created his first painting depicting biomechanical themes which became his trademark style that he used throughout his career. In 1975 HR Giger moved to West Hollywood where he worked as a production designer on movies like Dune and Species but also as a painter; he had three solo exhibitions: 1978 at the Galerie L’ecrin, 1979 at Katy Kline Gallery and 1985 at The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo|

In 1998 HR Giger bought Castle Sigognenau

HR Giger was born in 1940, but his career as a painter, sculptor and designer began in the early seventies. He’s mostly known for the creature design he did for the Alien films, but he’s worked on many other projects over his career. Giger has created album covers for Debbie Harry and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and even made a sculpture of a woman out of butter.

I first became aware of HR Giger when I saw the movie “Alien” in 1979. I was so taken by the alien and it’s environment that I had to find out who created the look of this fantastic new world of terror. I bought a book with stills from the film and read about Giger. He had such an intricate vision of life beyond our reality. It was very different from anything else that I’d ever seen before. His work inspired me to be more creative with my own life, art and music. He has been an inspiration to me ever since then.”


Name:Overcoming Adversity

Giger’s art is based in a conscious attempt to create something new and innovative, and the results are nothing short of stunning. His biomechanical style has been widely imitated, although few have equaled his skill or vision.

^ It’s interesting to note that Giger has always been highly critical of the Alien sequels, because they’re more action-oriented and not as thought-provoking as the original Alien film. He wanted his monsters to be creatures that were beautiful but also grotesque and horrifying.

^ Giger’s artwork has influenced many other facets of science fiction such as computer games and music videos. His biomechanical style is widely imitated by others, but few have come close to matching his skills or vision.

^ The title of Rammstein’s album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (Love Is There For Everyone) is taken from a line in Giger’s painting Necronom IV.

^ HR Giger was born in 1940 in Switzerland. In 1942 his father died which lead to his mother abandoning him at the age of three with foster parents. From an early age Giger displayed an appreciation for surrealism, which influenced much of his later work. His first major piece was created while he was still a teenager

The main idea of HR Giger is not really figurative, but rather on the concept of organic and biomechanical art, which has influenced many architects and designers. He is an artist who loves to explore the science-fiction concepts of creatures, machines and the environment.

His work is known for its extremely detailed, realistic imagery in paintings and sculptures that can be disturbing to some viewers. He has achieved international acclaim for his work, and has won numerous awards. His art has been featured in numerous films and video games, as well as a range of fine art prints.*

He is a multi-talented artist and designer whose work has inspired some of the greatest artists of visual arts. Giger’s work reaches far beyond the realms of art and into popular culture, having made an indelible mark on science fiction and horror film industries. His alien designs are instantly recognizable, and have infiltrated the psyche of countless fans worldwide.

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed to receive new posts from Urban Fly Fisher on your feed reader.I was born in February 5th 1940 in Chur/ Graubünden as Hans Ruedi Giger. My father worked in the tourism and hotel industry, my mother was a housewife. I had a calm and wonderful child age which ended when my sister was born two years later. I had the chance to be a good student, however my mothers death in 1955 when I was only 15 years old strongly affected me. Since then I had to leave school early more often than not but managed somehow to finish high school as well as an apprenticeship as a commercial artist. After that I studied at the School for Graphic and Book Art in Zurich for three years before starting a job at an advertising agency as an illustrator and designer.*

Giger is a Swiss artist who first gained fame with his design work for the film “Alien”. He has been a fine artist for decades, and his style is instantly recognizable. Giger’s signature style usually consists of biomechanical features, often set in landscapes inspired by surrealism. The result is very dark, but beautiful.

He has won numerous awards from the art world, including a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators in New York City. By all accounts, he is considered one of the great artists of our time.

Truly a master of his genre, Giger has an amazing talent that deserves to be shared with everyone. You’ll find many pieces of his work displayed throughout this site, so feel free to check them out!

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