How to take cool pics on your phone? A blog about how you can make art with the camera on your phone.

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You are currently viewing How to take cool pics on your phone? A blog about how you can make art with the camera on your phone.

This site is a source of information about how to make cool photos with the camera on your phone.

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Mobile phones are now capable of taking wonderful pictures, but it has taken years for the mainstream to catch up with what we already knew: that the camera is a powerful artistic tool. Below are some examples of mobile photography and how you can use your phone to take pictures like these:

Mobile Art

Mobile photography is the practice of using a phone camera to create art. It’s not as simple as you’d think. But with a little guidance, anyone can do it. This blog is all about mobile art and how you can do it, too.

Nowadays everyone carries a camera in their pocket, and so we no longer need to rely on the few professionals who were privileged enough to have cameras. Even the least sophisticated cameraphones offer the ability to create (or at least alter) images that would previously have had to be created in a darkroom, and that would probably have involved a great deal more effort and expense. Nowadays, anyone can create art.

The idea of making art with your mobile phone might sound strange or even unappealing. But it’s not as ridiculous as you might think. It’s not like everyone is going to start making art; most people won’t even try. And there are limits to what you can do with your phone camera. But it’s also true that the kinds of images that can be made with a smartphone these days have more in common with other kinds of art than they do with traditional snapshots.

The technology has advanced to the point where taking artistic photographs is now something that just about anyone can do. There is an element of chance involved, but there is also some control: you can choose your subject, apply various effects and filters, and play around until you get something you like. Like any kind of art, creating good images requires some talent; but unlike

The focus of this website is on creating art with the camera on your mobile phone. But there is more to a mobile phone than just a camera.

Your phone can be used as an audio and video recorder, so you can record sounds of the world around you. You can also create tones and melodies on your phone. If you are into photography you can use the camera to take photos, although ideally your phone should have a high quality camera for this (I would say that any phone with a better camera than 3 megapixels doesn’t really count as a mobile phone).

We will be looking at all these aspects of your mobile phone.

The best way to learn is to look at great work and try to figure out what makes it great. So I have gathered here some examples of the kinds of things you can do with a smart phone camera.

The pictures below have been contributed by amateur photographers who took them with their phones, and have then been improved using photo editing software. This sort of thing is possible because the image sensors in modern smart phones are very close in quality to those used in point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs. This is the same technology that has made it possible for people all over the world to start taking decent pictures, even without any training or experience.

This site is meant to be a resource for people who want to take mobile pics but don’t know where to begin. There are links below where you can find out more about how these were made, so you can learn from what others did well and avoid their mistakes. I hope this site will be useful for people just getting started with mobile photography, as well as for experienced photographers looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Making art with a phone is possible because you are taking photos with a camera, not just a camera. Cameras are tools to help you see the world; they are not used to seeing themselves. The lens on a camera shows you the world as if it were stuck to your eye. With some effort, you can use that to make art.

This is mobile art. It’s not about using your phone to replace other media like paint or film or even photography. It’s about using your phone as a tool for creating something unique, something that wasn’t there before.

Cell phones these days have really good cameras, especially with the new front-facing camera. You can capture some really great moments on your phone. Even though it is a small device, it can produce stunning images. It’s pretty much the same as a regular camera, but because of the size and ease of use, you can take more pictures and experiment more.

What are mobile photography apps? Mobile photography apps are applications that help you edit your pictures and add various effects to them. There are some free apps that you can download from Apple Store or Android Marketplace and there are some that you have to pay for. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Vignette: Vignette is a very popular app that costs $0.99 in the Apple Store and $1.00 in Google Play Store. It has three different effects: light leak, vintage and instant film styles. Light leak is designed to simulate a photo taken through a damaged camera lens by adding light streaks across the image. Vintage style is designed to give pictures a retro look by adding vignettes and light leaks around the picture frame. Instant film style gives a picture an instant camera effect by changing colors and adding white borders around the picture frame.

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