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The process of creating art is one of the profound ways to experience life. I am primarily a painter and my blog is about the various aspects of having an art career in painting, how to start an art career, what it means to have an artist’s “voice” as well as other topics of interest to artists. I welcome your comments and input. Please follow and feel free to comment on this blog or email me directly with any questions you may have.

I also offer classes in painting and drawing both online and in person. I hope you enjoy exploring this site!

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I often get asked how to start an art career. This blog is my effort to pull together everything I know about the subject into one place, as well as keep people up to date regarding what I’m doing in my own art career. Since I try to spread awareness of Science and Art working hand-in-hand, there’s hopefully something for everyone.*

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When you are trying to become an artist, it can help to know how other artists start their career. This blog will help you learn about how to start your own art career.

New artists often think they need to be famous in order to succeed. However, most successful artists did not become famous immediately. They had a lot of work experience before they became famous.

Artists also often feel they need to live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles in order to succeed. However, artists who live in small towns and rural areas also succeed. Just because an artist lives in a big city does not mean he or she is more successful than an artist who lives outside of one.

A lot of people want to be artists but don’t know where to begin. This blog will help you find out what steps you need to take to become an artist.

Splash art is an excellent way for new artists to get noticed and gain experience as well as make money online as a side hustle or full time job.

If you want to get an art career, then there are a few simple tricks. Actually, it is important to first state that obtaining an art career is not difficult if you are prepared to work hard. The top 10% of artists in any given market earn the majority of the money. They also have more free time than the rest of us struggling artists.

To obtain a nice art career, you have to do 3 things:

1) You have to be good at what you do.

2) You need to promote yourself strategically and effectively in your specific chosen medium and geographic location.

3) You need to be willing to work very hard at it.


Are you an artist? A fashion designer? A woodworker? Any creative person can start a blog. You can share your thoughts, post photos and videos of your work, and connect with other artists- even make money! Blogging is free and easy, so here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose a name and website host.

You can choose any name you want for your blog and create a free account at one of many available blog sites (Google offers links to the most popular ones).

Step 2: Develop your blog design and content.

You will want to include a header (the photo or logo that appears at the top of every page), navigation links (at the top or sides of the page), blogging software (for uploading posts) and social media plug-ins (to encourage visitors to share links about your work on Facebook and Twitter). As for content, you might post photographs of your last sculpture or painting project, or just talk about your creative process.

Step 3: Get feedback.

One of the best ways to get feedback on your work is to ask friends and family members what they think of it. If they have any suggestions for improvements, take their advice! It may be helpful to join a local arts group where

There are really two sides to having a career as an artist. One is learning the skills and practices of your art, and the other is learning the business side of your art. It’s not actually that different from any other profession in that regard, but somehow it gets overlooked.

Time and again I hear people say things like “Artists shouldn’t have to learn about business.” But every successful person has learned their art through some kind of schools or training. They’ve also had to learn the business side of what they do. Even if you were born to a family that was already in the art business, there were still things they had to teach you.

When you’re just starting out, it might seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to try to juggle all your responsibilities as an artist AND learn the business end. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be good at both right away — you’ll get better at both by doing them.

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