How To Paint An Amazing Warli Art Painting

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If you are creative and want to paint an amazing Warli art painting, you can use these simple steps. Please note that this is not a painting tutorial, but rather a guide on how to paint Warli art.


Warli art is the art of the Warli tribe in India, famous for its folk style paintings of human figures which are carved out of trees. Warli paintings of animals and birds are also common.


Warli paintings are about life as seen from a different angle. They capture the essence of everyday life, women working on farms, men fishing or hunting, children at play. They show us what goes on around us every day but we never notice it because we are so busy trying to live our lives we don’t have time to stop and look at things around us. Warli art allows us take a glimpse into the simplicity of rural life.


If you want to paint an amazing Warli art painting you should use simple tools such as pencils and oil paints.


If you want to

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to paint an amazing Warli art painting. Warli painting is an ancient art form developed in India centuries ago. It is very different from any other form of art that originated in India.

The Warli paintings are painted on the walls of huts or caves and depict various scenes from everyday life. The paintings were usually done by men, but women also participated in the process by doing the coloring and decorating.

How to paint an amazing warli art painting? Not so easy, yet very interesting. Warli is an art form that originated in the tribal regions of India. It is a type of painting which has been practiced by the tribes of Maharashtra since long back in history. The word Warli itself is derived from the Marathi word ‘Varlik’, which means a bundle of grass.

Tribal culture and Arts are most popular among the country’s native tribes, which include people like Gond, Bhil, Kol, Chambhar and Bhilala, among others. These arts are used for various purposes such as for decorating house walls and also for making clothes.

The Warli paintings are similar to other tribal arts in its style and technique; however it has some variations that makes it unique from other arts like the Gond art. The major difference between them is that while Gond art is painted on a flat surface, Warli arts are done on a round canvas.

Warli painting is a most sought after art form in India. The Warli tribe of India has created this wonderful art form with their tribal symbols and designs. It is a traditional method of painting done by the tribal people with natural dyes on a handmade paper called as Amka. They have also created amazing wall paintings using this art form. The Warli art paintings are one of the richest forms of art in India, which has been passed down through the generations. This amazing Indian Warli art has its own unique style and beauty that is particular to it only.

A warli paintbrushes painting is a kind of painting done by the tribals of India wherein they use handmade brushes made from sticks and other material like bones and feathers to apply colors to their paintings. This amazing painting can be done on different materials like cloth, paper, palm leaves etc.

The warli painting comprises of stunning frugal tribal symbols and designs that are specifically meant to depict the history, culture and traditions of the tribals. The designs are usually painted on a cotton cloth or paper but in some cases it can also be painted on walls.*

Warli painting art is a kind of folk art practiced by the indigenous people of India, mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. One of the major things that Warli painting is famous for is its depiction of various traditional tales and stories in an interesting and unique style. The Warli paintings are always done on a wooden platform using just charcoal to create the picture.

Tribal villages in India have been practicing this art form for ages. It originated from the Bhil tribe and since then it has become equally famous with other tribes as well. It has a distinctive style altogether lending its uniqueness to whatever it draws or paints. The most common subjects that can be seen in a Warli painting are hunting animals, tribal gods and goddesses, symbols depicting fertility, etc.

Easy ways to learn how to paint Warli art:

There are many easy-to-learn techniques for Warli painting work. These are as follows:

1) The first step would be to make a plan for your work. Before you start executing your work you should have set up an outline for your subject matter. This will help you in completing your work neatly and systematically without making any errors that may reduce its quality or value.

2) You should buy

As a matter of fact, Warli paintings are most popular in Mumbai and Pune. One can find these artworks everywhere in these cities even today.

But, some of the important facts about Warli art paintings that you must know are:

1. They are not just paintings and are extremely significant for the tribals living in Maharashtra region.

2. Their origin dates back to the pre-historic age and is associated with their culture and tradition.

3. Warli paintings have been painted on different kinds of surfaces by using different kinds of colors. Besides using canvas or paper, Warli art paintings were painted on feathers of birds, leaves and dried palm leaves, too.

4. These paintings are traditionally done by womenfolk who apply colors in an innovative way on these canvases with designs that depict various aspects of life like agriculture, occupation etc.

5. The identity of the artist remains unknown as they do not give any name or signature to their artworks, rather they simply write “Made by Warlis” on the painting after its completion. Hence, it becomes very difficult to trace the real artist behind a particular artwork.

6. There is no written history or document explaining how long this art has flourished or who were the artists who started

Warli art is a style of painting using dots that originated in the Warli tribe of India. This style of art was developed by women, who would paint their bodies with different designs and later use these designs to create paintings.

Tribal paintings are done in this style mainly due to the materials used to create them. Most tribal paintings are painted on a large scale and created out of soil and dung, which can be easily found in village homes. The pigments used to color the paintings are derived from charcoal, and colored earth is also used. These pigments are mixed with gum into a paste that can be applied to the walls or on paper to create stunning artworks.

Artists who paint in the Warli style often paint naked so that their bodies can serve as canvases for their work. They then go on to cover their bodies with paints made from natural ingredients such as soot, clay powder, lime and more; these paints are known as ‘gopi’ or ‘bhargavi’ and they serve as an additional layer of protection against infections.

This form of tribal painting has been practiced since the 17th century, but it did not receive widespread recognition until recently. In fact, most people consider it to be a new form

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