How to Make Your Dogs Look a Bit More Like Celebrities

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Dog Art, is a blog post around animal pictures and famous celebrity look-a-likes. As a creative writer and photographer I love to create a work of art that comes from an idea. Most of the time, I come up with an idea and then I create the work of art. But every once in a while an idea comes along that’s so good that it inspires the creation of a beautiful work of art.

I created this blog post around animal pictures and famous celebrity look-a-likes because I saw something amazing in the photos. The more I saw, the more amazing it became. Someone had taken photos of dogs that looked like celebrities and then had removed the animal from the photo leaving behind just the celebrity likeness. The result was hilarious!

This blog post became one of my most popular posts ever.”

In this post, we will show you how to make your dogs look a bit more like celebrities: from Kim Kardashian to Katy Perry.

Here are some celebrities who look strikingly similar to dogs:

Dog art and famous dog look-alikes: The following is an image of dogs that look like celebrities. It’s a good thing, too – we wouldn’t want to be in a world where people can’t enjoy images of celebrities looking like dogs.

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People like to dress their pets up in all sorts of costumes. Most costumes are pretty silly and we think that a lot of them would look better the other way around. In fact, there are plenty of pet owners who already dress their dogs like celebrities.

The following gallery features some pets that have been photographed with celebrity lookalikes. The results are pretty amusing, and we’re sure that you will enjoy them as well. Enjoy!

I thought I’d do a quick post around dog art.

My family and I own three dogs—they are part of the family and we love them very, very much. Over the years we’ve had a number of different breeds and we’ve also owned a few strays or rescued dogs. They all have their own personalities and habits.

We’ve had some good times with the dogs (and cats) over the years. When my oldest son was born, our dog at the time, Taffy, wouldn’t stop licking his face. My wife declared that Taffy “adopted” my son as her “grandpup.” She was so proud of him.

Taffy is a Welsh Terrier—she looks like an old-school Hollywood diva: glamorous, classy and sophisticated but with a bit of an edge (especially when she’s wearing her spiked collar). She has little white paws and likes to keep them clean by licking them obsessively.

It wasn’t always easy living with her because she could be pretty protective of us—we had to work hard to get her used to our second child coming along (a little boy named Barrett). It helped that we made sure he didn’t try to take her toys without asking first.

Via my good friend “Dog Shaming” I found this blog, created by an artist named Sara. The pictures below are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen.

You will find them after the jump break, so please make sure you read my description and check out her blog before you view the pictures.

I am in love with dogs, but I am not a dog person.

I don’t know how to train them, I don’t know how to care for them when they are sick, I don’t understand why they do the things they do. I’m very good at disliking them (and cats) and having prejudices against them, but I have no idea how to actually own one. If a dog came into my apartment, my first thought would be “I should get a leash” and my second thought would be “Get it out of here.”

What do other people do? They take their dogs to the dog park! The dog park is basically a giant outdoor party where your furry friend can meet all his friends and play games with other dogs, such as chasing each other around or playing tug-of-war over an old towel. But, as any New Yorker knows, going outside is dangerous…so you need to protect your precious pup from the elements.

Reading about the latest trends in dog fashion is a great way to spend an afternoon! This infographic from Doggie Styles covers the hottest trends from leashes and collars to some seriously snazzy canine costumes. Just click on the picture below and prepare to be amazed!

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