how to make alcohol ink art canvas

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Have you ever noticed that the art canvas you buy at an art store or a craft store is not a solid piece of plastic?

The typical white art canvas is actually two pieces of plastic laminated together, which turns it into a sturdy but flexible material. The two pieces of laminated plastic are called “sides” and they can be pulled apart to give you access to the inside surfaces of the canvas.

You can use this property to make your own Alcohol Ink Art canvas by separating the sides and painting on both sides. Since the plastic is flexible, you can bend it around corners, making it easy to paint 3-D items, like the wings of a butterfly.

The alcohol inks are a new type of art medium that you can use with fabric, polymer and even metal. They are made with the same materials as the alcohol inks (rubber cement) except they are mixed with dyes instead of ink. The inks are then applied and fix with heat, like an iron-on transfer. You can use alcohol inks to make custom t-shirts, handbags, aprons and just about anything else you can imagine. Here is how to make your own Alcohol Ink Art canvas.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You will need:

* empty cereal box

* drawing paper

* ruler

* pencil or pen

* scissors

* cutting mat (optional)

Step 2: Cut the box into four equal pieces. The box will become the corners of the frame of your picture/canvas/board. Cut two pieces of the box that are each 9 x 12 inches and two pieces that are each 6 x 6 inches. For mine I used a ruler to make sure the cuts were straight, but it’s not necessary if you have steady hands. Step 3: Use one of the 9 x 12 inch pieces to trace out four triangles on paper, leaving approximately 1/4 inch between each line

Alcohol ink art canvas is a fun and easy way to create your own original piece of art. You can use any medium you want: an oil paint, or water color, or even a pastels. But if your canvas has been already prepared (by varnishing) you will need alcohol based inks to draw on it. It is also better to use large brushes.

Alcohol Inks are one of my favorite mediums to work with. I have a few different types and I use them for everything from mixed media collage pieces to adding interest to a plain canvas.

The subtle color, texture and sheen that they add make Alcohol Ink Art the perfect choice for a canvas wrap. If you’ve never worked with alcohol ink before, this tutorial is the perfect introduction to the medium.

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Hi, I’m a professional artist, and I’m here to tell you that Alcohol Inks are the best thing to happen to your art since acrylic paint.

I’m going to show you how I make my own canvas from an old painting. It’s fast and easy, and gives you a great result! And because alcohol ink is water soluable, you can wash your canvas if you need to!

You will need:

1. A canvas (or fabric) of your choice

2. An old piece of artwork or photograph that you don’t mind ruining

3. Some cheap brush cleaner (or baby shampoo!)

4. Optional: coffee grinder or blender with some course coffee grounds in it

5. Some kind of plastic baggie, like a Ziplock bag**

6. Your Alcohol Inks of choice** **if using coffee grounds, then you’ll also need a sealable container that they fit into, like one of those plastic containers for leftovers

The alcohol ink paintings in my studio are created on a special canvas made of linen. This is an easy process, very forgiving and fun.

Alcohol Ink is a relatively new product. It has been used by artists to create a wide variety of effects on paper, wood, fabric and canvas. If you would like to learn more about this exciting medium, please visit the following websites:

Alcohol Ink or sometimes known as Alcohol Inks are a fairly new product on the market and one that I know many of you will be very excited to hear about.

Alcohol inks are water based inks that have a permanent bond to your art canvas. They are made of 2 components; polymer and pigment. The ink itself is a clear liquid, the pigment is suspended within the liquid so you can create any colour palette you want by mixing different pigments together.

TIP: Always use a colorless blender when mixing alcohol inks to create new colors, this will prevent the ink from getting muddy when mixed with other pigments.

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