How to Make a T Shirt Color Change with Alcohol Ink

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There are so many ways to use alcohol ink. The following tutorial will focus on one of the most popular ways, how to make a t shirt color change with alcohol ink.

While it’s not a difficult technique,it does need some patience. But the end result is well worth the wait!

Step 1 – Choose your shirt and design

You’ll need a white t-shirt for this technique. I used plain t-shirts purchased from a local discount store. You can also use plain cotton tops or shirts with no print on them at all. It is important that your shirt be 100% cotton as other fabric blends tend to resist the dyeing process.

Step 2 – Preparing your image

Now, you’ll want to create an image that you can use as a stencil. For instance I chose to create an abstract tree shape. You could also use a word, phrase or logo if you choose. Design whatever suits your fancy but remember that the “image” must be completely black in order for the color changes to work out correctly and aesthetically pleasing when it’s done!

Once your design is ready, “reverse” it so that it’s white on a black background (or vice versa). This will ensure that you are able to see your

It is very easy to create a t shirt color change with alcohol ink and the same way can be used to create art on any kind of textile.

There are a lot of readers asking how to make t-shirt color change with alcohol ink.

So here is the instruction to do so.

Since I have a lot of instructions on this blog, I decided to put all instructions into a pdf file.

You can download the instruction here:

The best way to use the alcohol ink is to create a stencil and place the stencil over your shirt. You can also just place the alcohol inks on the shirt directly. There are lots of different ways you can use this product, and this article will show you how!

In order to get the color you want on your shirt, you need to do a little bit of planning. For example, if you want your shirt to be black with yellow splatters, then you would need to plan ahead and purchase yellow alcohol ink. If you want your shirt to be yellow with a few black splatters, then purchase the black alcohol ink. Once you have purchased the alcohol ink that matches what you want to wear, it’s time for some fun!

Alcohol inks are one of my favorite mediums. Alcohol inks have a lot of versatility when it comes to techniques, and they produce some really beautiful results. In this blog post I will give you some tips on how to use alcohol inks and how to apply them.


Because the cost of alcohol inks is pretty low, it’s a good idea to try out a lot of designs before committing to a large piece. You can make a few t-shirts or pillow cases or canvas pieces in various sizes, and then you will be ready when a larger project comes along.

Aqua Color offers some great starter alcohol ink sets that are perfect for trying out different designs and learning how to use alcohol inks effectively. Their kits come with instructions, mixing cups, and mixing sticks–everything you need to get started.

You might also want to consider buying an applicator bottle, which makes the process of adding ink to your t-shirt more convenient. You can add the right amount of ink on your design and avoid squeezing too much or spilling any at all!

When you’re ready to use your new aqua color alcohol inks, apply the ink directly to the fabric and let it dry naturally. Do not put the garment in a dryer or leave it out in inclement weather.*

There are two kinds of alcohol inks. One is designed to be used with fabric and the other is designed to be used on paper. They both work on paper but only the ones that say they can be used on fabric should be used on fabric. The kind you want for t-shirts are the ones used for paper crafts.

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