How to Make a Spin Art Machine

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Spin art is a type of painting done by holding a paintbrush or pencil in the middle and spinning it around quickly, so that the paint splatters onto a piece of paper. This project will show you how to make your very own spin art machine!


– Ruler

– Pencil

– Tape

– Paper (we used an old notebook)

– Glass or any other flat, transparent surface. The glass should be approximately the same size as the paper. Although it is possible to use the glass from a picture frame, we found using a picture frame made it more difficult to get good coverage. We recommend using a glass from your local dollar store.


1. First, tape two pieces of paper together to create one large sheet. It is also possible to use a single piece of paper folded into thirds; however, some people find this makes the final product less interesting as there are fewer lines on it. Experiment with various setups and decide what works best for you. Make sure to leave a little extra space at the bottom of the page so that when you tape it down later you have some room for your hand and arm.

2. Next, place your paper and glass on a flat surface and arrange them so that


I have been reading your blog for years and always enjoy the articles and projects you post. I have a couple of questions, one about the spin art project and one about the solar panel project. I am looking for a way to make my own solar panel and wondered if you could help me out with some advice on what materials to buy to build it.

What I need is a 1-2 watt solar panel that is as small as possible and has a voltage regulator attached to it or built into it.

I would like to make my own spin art machine and was wondering if you could give me any advice on how I go about building one.

Thank you in advance,

A spin art machine is a simple device that creates abstract artwork, or in other words, a painter. It is a rotating, circular surface over which you pour paint of a specific color. As the surface rotates, the paint makes various shapes and designs as it is pushed around by the moving surface.

I have built and successfully tested my own spin art machine at home. Here I will give you detailed instructions on how to make one for yourself so you can enjoy this unique “painting” technique at home and with your friends.

The first step is to gather all of the tools needed to build your spin art machine. The most important tool is the rotating surface itself, which I found at an office supply store. These are typically used by teachers to allow students in multiple classrooms to access and write on a single piece of paper without damaging the original document. A good model for this project would be the “Teachers’ Rotating Document Holder” sold by Staples, but any similar product should work well enough. The diameter of my surface was approximately 17 inches across, but different-sized surfaces will obviously produce different results.

The spin art machine is a simple art machine that allows you to draw on paper and then spin the paper around a circular axis, causing the colored lines to smear into a new pattern. This smearing of patterns is what gives this art form its name. I have built my own spin art machine as a science project, and have included a step by step guide to building it below.

The next step up from the spin art machine would be an automated spin art machine. This would allow for much more complicated patterns with more colors. I plan on designing this in the future, but for now, here’s how to make your own manual spin art maching.

Spin art is a simple one-dimensional drawing technique. The artist draws on a flat surface, and then puts that surface into motion. The motion causes the ink to be flung outwards in a circular pattern. By changing the speed of the spin and the thickness of the paint and the distance from which it is applied, the artist can control how far out from the center of the surface the spray of paint will reach.

Here’s a simple device for creating your own spin art. It consists of two disks, mounted one on top of another. The bottom disk has a small hole in it, through which you put your pen or paintbrush when you’re ready to create your piece of art. The top disk is attached to a rubber band. When you pull down on this, you can spin the top disk while keeping the bottom fixed in place, creating your art as you go.”

The spin art machine is a great example of the principles of magnetism.

The most important thing is that the electromagnet has to be in the center and it should be surrounded by a metal ring. The best kind of paint to use is acrylic, but you can use any kind of paint that doesn’t take too long to dry.

Spin art makes a great science fair project because it’s fun and easy to do, and you don’t need much equipment. You could even make it a family or classroom project.

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