How to Make a Mandala

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There are infinite ways to make your own mandala art using the materials in this book. Use the following steps as a guide and make your own creation.

Step 1: Get out the crayons, markers, pencils, paints, pastels or whatever medium you want to use.

Step 2: Choose a coloring page from the book that inspires you. This can be one you like or one that inspires you in some way.

Step 3: Choose a background color for your mandala. This can be any color or colors you would like to use in your mandala design.

Step 4: Pick a color for the center of your mandala. This is where most of your focus will be so it’s important to pick the right color! If you’re having trouble picking a color, try mixing two colors together until you get something that you feel good about using in this area of your mandala.

+1 tip: Remember that each time you go back to add more colors to your mandala it is easy to just add more layers on top of any colors that might have gotten covered up so as long as you don’t overdo it it’s ok if some of the colors get covered up by new ones because they will likely still show through

I’ve created this blog to be a free guide to making your own mandala art. I have included my methods and techniques, and I’ve also added a number of links to resources that can help you. I hope this will be of use to anyone who is interested in learning how to create beautiful mandala art.

Tutorials and Instructions are available for:

-Making Mandalas from Photographs

-Painting Mandalas with Watercolor

-Painting Mandalas with Acrylics

There is more information about myself and my work on the About Page. Thanks for visiting!

Mandala art is a lot of fun, and will be great for you to do if you want to relax and practice your focus. It is also a good way to practice drawing skills. You can use the patterns from an existing mandala, or make your own pattern using the design ideas provided in this book.

It’s easy to create mandala art. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be beautiful and pleasing. You’ll find that with some practice, soon you will be able to make your own designs that are interesting and fun.

Start with a piece of paper. The size of the paper is up to you, but you will need a lot of space for your art. I would recommend something around 20″ by 30″.

Choose a background color for your mandala. I used blue for mine. Paint the background color all over the inside of the paper.

Once the blue paint is dry, you are going to start drawing with your markers or crayons. I used colored pencils for my mandala because it turned out more colorful. You can use whatever medium you prefer; just make sure that it is non-toxic and washable.

Once you have finished coloring in your mandala, it is time to remove the paper from underneath. I used liquid laundry detergent to get my paper off. It should come right off without too much hassle, although there may be a few places where it sticks and takes some extra work to get off completely.

Now you have a beautiful mandala! You are free to hang it on your wall or give it as a gift if you so desire!

Mandala Art is a way of creating pictures that have spiritual and personal meaning. A mandala is a picture that is drawn on the ground or on paper. It is usually circular in shape. There are different variations of mandalas, but most have four to eight elements. The elements are arranged so that they overlap with each other. When completed, the mandala becomes a type of map that can help you choose what path to take in life.

Tibetan monks began making this kind of art about 1500 years ago. They drew their mandalas using colored sand or paint made from crushed stones and vegetables.

I’ll often refer to the “mandala” in this book, but it’s only one kind of mandala. A mandala is a circular image, usually made with colored pencils or crayons, that you color in as a way of focusing and calming your mind. You don’t have to use colored pencils or crayons, and you can make any shape you like.

Tibetan Buddhists traditionally drew mandalas on pieces of paper or cloth. In this book I’ll show you how to draw them on computer screens with a drawing program called Inkscape. If you want to print out your pictures for coloring with crayons or colored pencils, you can; but the pictures in this book were all drawn on computer screens.

A Mandala (Sanskrit for circle) is a symmetrical, balanced, spiritual and abstract design. It is also known as a Yantra and represents the universe in symbolic form.

The word “mandala” derives from the Sanskrit root words man (meaning “mind”) and dala (meaning “tool”). Traditionally, mandalas are tools used for meditation, rituals or decoration.

The earliest known mandalas were created in ancient Mesopotamia over 5000 years ago. They were carved into stone tablets or made with ink on parchment. These early mandalas depicted geometric patterns and animals. The purpose of these early mandalas was to bring good luck or protection to the owner.

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