how to make a 3d paper tree

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The 3D paper tree is a great and fun origami, which is not too difficult to make. The result will be a beautiful and realistic looking tree.

The technique makes use of precise folding techniques and water-bomb bases to create a realistic looking trunk. Then some clever shaping of the branches and an easy but effective method of making the leaves gives stunning results.

How to make a 3d paper tree

Start by making the base of the trunk. This is best done by placing a square piece of origami paper on a flat surface, with one side at the top (this will become the bottom of the trunk). Fold down about two thirds of the top edge, then fold up about two thirds of the bottom edge, creating a rectangle in the middle. Open out completely again. You should now have something like this:

Then fold both sides into little tabs as shown above, then glue them into position using lots of little dots of glue (imagine that you are wrapping a present). The best way to do this is to place some glue on each side and press it into place, then hold it for 30 seconds or so until it dries out slightly and is easy to move away. Repeat this process until all four sides have been folded over, then

The 3D Paper Tree is a fun craft to make. It is a great way to use a lot of toilet paper rolls! It is also a cool decoration for any room in your house. A 3D paper tree is fun to make at home or in school, so let’s get started!


I’ve been talking about a new technique I’ve been developing for making 3D trees from single sheets of paper. I’m happy to say that the technique is now very close to completion, and it’s time to show off some results.*Here’s a video of one of the early prototypes:*

I’ll be posting more videos soon, and then working on a complete how-to with step by step pictures and instructions.

Till then, here’s a diagram of how the tree works:

The trunk (1) is cut into three pieces, two as long as you want your tree branches to be, and one just slightly longer than you want your tree trunk to be.

On the ends of each branch you glue a small piece (2) that looks like a seed pod. The pods are cut from short pieces of pipe cleaner or thick wire. On the end of each branch you glue a seed pod that stands straight up When all three pieces are glued together, the result looks something like this:

You can make smaller trees by cutting off some of the branches and making sure that each branch has an upright pod. Here are some other examples

*Did you know that in Japan, the art of paper cutting is called “kirigami” and is used for making decorations for gifts, such as food and drink?

Kirigami (meaning “cut paper”) has been practiced by Japanese people for over a thousand years.

Kirigami is also an important part of Japanese culture. It’s used to decorate everything from clothing to buildings, including traditional Japanese style houses.

In fact, if you ever go to Japan, you’ll see that kirigami is everywhere! It’s on the buildings, it’s on the clothes, it’s even on your food and drink!

Now let me tell you how to make a cute little tree out of paper. The best thing about this tree is that it’s made out of paper rather than plastic, which makes it look nice and natural.

But there are some other reasons why I like this tree too…

The art of paper cutting is one of the most ancient arts. It is related to the art of origami. Everyone can learn how to do it, but it takes a lot of time and perseverance. Take a look at our collection of amazing paper cutting artworks and pick your favorite!

You will need:

– A thick paper (it can be old newspaper, but you can use also drawing paper or even photo paper) ;

– Scissors;

– Glue.


1. Cut out the shape you want to make from the paper, very carefully. You have to be extremely accurate: every wrong move could ruin your work! Depending on what you’re making, you may cut several pieces of paper with different shapes and sizes;

2. Put some glue on each piece of paper;

3. Put all the pieces in their right place in order to obtain the final picture;

4. Wait for the glue to dry completely… And there you go!

According to a legend, Buddha was born from a lotus flower that sprouted from the water. Lotus is a water plant, and the lotus flower symbolizes purity, beauty and prosperity. If you make an origami lotus flower you will not only create a beautiful model but it can be also used for decoration for your home.

The first thing we need is a square sheet of paper. I suggest you to use a thin colored paper or craft paper. The size of your paper should be 15×15 cm . The color of the lotus flower will depend on the color of your paper.

As always, before we start folding we must prepare all the necessary things:

-a square sheet of paper

-a pencils

-a ruler

In order to begin folding you must first divide your square in four parts by making diagonal lines as shown on picture 1. You can make these diagonal lines using a ruler and a pencil, but if you are careful enough you can also do it by eye. Then fold all four corners as shown on picture 2 in such way that corners meet in center of your square (picture 3). Crease them well so they will not unfold during further folding process.

Now we are ready for the next step: forming

Creative paper cutting is a form of art that often involves some form or shape of folding or paper. The person who performs this type of art is called a paper cutter. A paper cutter can be an artist but also a sculptor, graphic designer and many more.

The work is performed on a flat surface and the cuts are made with scissors by cutting and removing pieces of colored paper. The result is a picture that stands out from the background. These pictures are usually cut from flat sheets of paper, but some artists have been known to use three-dimensional forms like boxes for their artistic medium.

The art can be used for decorative purposes or in advertising campaigns or commercial products, such as greeting cards or calendars. Some artists have been known to design dresses with the use of creative paper cutting. There has also been occasions when children get involved in the art form and use their imagination to create their own unique designs.

There are many different methods used by artists and by each method, the end result will be different as well. Purely abstract art can be created from simple shapes like circles, triangles and squares cut from colored papers. The artist might even take it further by folding the shapes into designs with artistic flair that would not even resemble a circle, triangle or square

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