How To Hang Pieces of Wall Art Without Losing Your Sanity

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**How to Hang Pieces of Wall Art Without Losing Your Sanity**

The days of just throwing up a poster and calling it a day are over. It needs to be framed, it needs to match your room’s personality and color scheme, and most importantly, you need to hang it.

There are many ways to accomplish these tasks, but I am going to share with you the method that I have found most effective for myself.

Get some push pins. You can find them at any craft store or at a grocery store in the craft aisle. It doesn’t matter what kind of picture frame you are hanging (matted or not), they all require that you first put push pins into the frame to make sure it is securely in place on your wall. Push pins come in two sizes: large and small. The large ones should be used if the picture frame has a lot of weight to it or if it is a particularly large picture frame, while the small ones should be used for smaller frames or pictures. When picking out which push pins to buy, try and get either one with larger heads or multiple tacks on them (the little metal things sticking out from the push pin) so that you don’t have to hammer them into your wall as hard as

Have you noticed that wall art is a big trend right now? There are thousands of websites to sell you art prints, canvas prints and even framed posters for decorating your walls. I’m sure someone is making a mint!

I’ve started to notice that the more expensive looking art tends to be on the higher end of the price scale. I also notice that most of these items are still in their original packaging, never hung on any wall, like they were purchased with the intention of being admired from afar. That always makes me wonder how much time and money was spent creating all of these beautiful pieces if no one ever intends to hang them.

So, I thought it would be fun to write an article about how to hang something on your wall without losing your sanity.

For decades, I’ve been living with the sad reality that I have never been able to properly find the center of a room. I’ve asked for help from friends, family, and even professionals – to no avail. It seems like it should be easy (and it is in theory), but when you have to do it on your own with limited time and resources, the task can seem overwhelming.

Trying to hang things level has caused me plenty of frustration in the past, especially when it comes to wall art. To remedy this issue, I set out to find a simple solution that will help me hang things straight without having to deal with a tape measure. The project could not be simpler, nor the results more satisfying.

Enter: paper clips!

I was surprised at just how well this works. All you need is a few paper clips and some painter’s tape (or any kind of masking tape will do). You don’t even need those fancy magnetic levels; we’re going old school here!

Here are the steps:

1) Measure the length from the floor to the desired hanging height on your wall.**

2) Cut five pieces of tape, each about 6 inches long. Stick

I wanted to fix this one on the wall in our living room, so I found a piece of wood to mount it on. Yes, I could have used “wall art” putty, but that would not have worked well and looked bad.

The piece of wood I picked up is oak, but any wood will do. The key is to get a piece about 1/4 inch thick by about 2 inches wide and about 10 inches long.

Use a table saw or circular saw to cut this board down to 8 inches long. This will be the backboard that supports the wall art.

Then, using the same saw(s), cut the piece of wood down into four pieces: two at 1-1/2×2 inches and two at 1×2 inches. These are the spacers that will keep your wall art perfectly level – if you don’t use spacers, your art will be crooked on the wall.

You can use a small nail or screw to attach your spacers onto the backboard (the 1-1/2×2 inch pieces should fit snugly). Notice in the photo above that I attached the spacers with screws so they would be adjustable; this way, I can remove them for moving or changes in decor

Hanging art is one of the most important jobs in displaying your work, but also one of the most difficult. I’ve been at it a while and I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes. It’s not as hard as it looks, but it does take some careful planning.

Here are some guidelines that will help you hang art with ease and confidence.

1. Select the right hanger for the piece based on size, weight, and material.

2. Choose a location that makes sense for the piece and your space (see diagram below).

3. Choose a place to hang your piece that has these elements: a sturdy hook, level wall surface, and appropriate height (eye level for portraits or heads & shoulders for landscapes).

4. When possible (and safe), anchor the hanger to a stud behind the drywall with 2-3 screws.

5. Use wire or D rings on small pieces and solid wood or metal D hooks for larger pieces according to weight and materials.

6. Add an extension chain to accommodate high ceilings if needed (not recommended).

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