How to Hang a Tree of Life Wall Distress

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In case you are looking for a way to hang your Tree of Life Wall Distress art, here is a step by step wall hanging guide.

First of all, let me just say that I’m not an expert at wall hanging and I am not an interior designer so take this information with a grain of salt. Okay? We will begin with the tree of life wall art that we have chosen to hang. This particular one is beautiful. If you’re worried about matching something up, don’t be. Keep in mind that this blog post only covers hanging the Tree of Life Wall Distress and nothing else.

Tree of life wall art comes in many different types and shapes. You can get them in canvas, metal and wood. Your choices can be very diverse from rustic, industrial tree of life to a more traditional one which resembles paintings on canvas or huge wooden panels hung on the walls of your living room or study room. In my opinion, it’s all about what kind of look you want to achieve for your home decor or office space.*

Hanging Tree of Life Wall Distress (Tree of Life Wall Art)

There are several different ways to hang Tree of Life Wall Art. You can use nails, hooks, or use a floating frame. If you are hanging your Tree of Life on drywall, find the center of the piece and look for the nail holes. Sometimes the artist will put a small mark in the center to let you know where it is. If not, then just measure out from each side and make a mark for where the nail holes will be. The distance between the two should be about 10 inches.

If you have a good piece of wood that is lighter than the others and like to display it on an angle, then you can put a nail or hook at either end and only use one nail in the middle. When hanging up your tree of life tapestry or wall art using nails, make sure that they are well hammered in because if you have to take it down or move it at all those nails can pop right through the tapestry. Do not try to hammer them in with a hammer that has tape on it because there has been times before when I have made this mistake and had to buy another tapestry because it got ruined from trying to hammer in nails

Hanging tree of life wall art can be quite a challenge. Most people don’t know how to hang a tree of life wall art. The most popular tree of life wall art are made from canvas or cotton cloth and can be stretched onto a wooden frame.

This is the best way to hang a tree of life wall art because the stretching makes the material more flexible and able to flow with the shape of your wall. You will want to choose a tree of life wall art that has grommets or some type of metal holder in each corner so that you can secure it safely to your frame.

You may also consider choosing a tree of life wall art that comes with hanging hardware and instructions so that you can easily follow along without having to figure it all out yourself. This is especially helpful if you are not used to working with hanging tree of life wall art .

If you prefer a different type of tree of life wall art, there are many options available, including canvas, wood, metal, and glass.*

Hang your tree of life wall art in a place where the colors will make a statement. We have seen the tree of life wall art done in an accent color, white and it makes a dramatic statement in black and white. It is also fun to hang several trees of life together making a bold artistic statement.

Trees are considered to be very powerful symbols as they are beautiful, strong, majestic and they last forever. Tree of Life Wall Art is perfect for homes that have a lot of space as it is large in size. However, if you live in a small apartment, you can still enjoy having this art work on your wall.

Hanging Tree Of Life Wall Art is an affordable way to decorate your home with a touch of creativity and personality. You can find pieces that range from inexpensive to very expensive and you can choose the one that suits your budget.*

You may be tempted to buy a pre-made piece but it is better to create something unique by hand. You can make your own design or get inspiration from other things like photos or drawings you see around you.*

I hope you found this article helpful and if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us again.*

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I thought it was a great idea to hang my daughter’s tree of life art on the wall in her room. I looked online for some cool wall art to hang on her walls. I found some great pieces and put them into my shopping cart. After deciding on what I wanted, I checked out and paid for my order. It arrived in about a week and a half. I was excited to get it up and took the box inside.

What is Tree of Life Wall Art?

Tree of life wall art (or just tree of life) is an ancient symbol which represents growth, vitality, strength, endurance, eternal life, and balance in nature. It can be used as spiritual symbol within both religious and non-religious beliefs.

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam the tree is associated with the Tree of Knowledge or Tree of Life mentioned in Genesis 2:9-10. In many religions the tree represents wisdom and knowledge. In Hinduism it is associated with the god Vishnu who supports the heavens and earth upon his shoulders while standing on a coiled serpent (representing rebirth). In Taoism the tree represents renewal; everything returns to it after death or change. It is also known as “the Mother Tree” because it gives birth to all other trees.*

There are so many kinds of tree of life wall art available these days. I am always looking at the stores and online trying to find some that I think would look good in my home. I have a lot of wall space that is not being utilized. It would be nice to find a piece of tree of life wall art that can go on display. I am tired of having nothing on my walls but bare space.

Trying to find the right piece is taking me for ever. I don’t just want anything, I want something that is going to look good and make me happy when I see it every day. This is definitely not an easy decision for me to make. There are a lot of factors that I need to take into consideration before making this decision.

I am looking for wall art with colors that match my furniture and also colors that could blend with any other colors in the room. If you have any suggestions, please let me know because this has been a very hard choice for me to make so far.

These are wonderful, large and antique wall plates that feature a Tree of Life design. The plates were made by the Gorham Co. of Providence, Rhode Island, sometime between the late 1800’s through early 20th century. The plates are hand wrought and are in excellent condition. They measure 14 inches across by 10 inches high (across the top of the tree) and are 4 inches deep. All plates have a nice patina with no breaks or cracks. These plates would work well as one large piece or used separately in various rooms of your home. The patina is uniform on all four plates but may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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