How to Create an Eco-Friendly and Relevant Home Decor

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Decorating your home with green materials can help you live more sustainably. Green materials are those that are less harmful to the environment and don’t have negative health effects. They are widely available and often made from recycled materials.

There are a wide variety of environmentally friendly decorating materials for your home, including wall art. Wall decor is an important way to show off your personality and taste. And there is a wide range of geometric wall art for sale online. Here’s how to get started creating a home with green materials:

Find an artist that uses eco-friendly materials like recycled paper, bamboo or reclaimed wood. Look for wall art that contains no toxic chemicals or paints.

Find out what kind of wood or other material has been used to create the artwork. Is it a wood that was harvested in a sustainable manner? Is it made of recycled or reclaimed wood? If so, the artwork is most likely considered green.

You can also check if the artist uses any toxic glues or paints in their work by looking at the label on the back of the piece of art. Most artists will be honest about what they use and some will even use recycled or biodegradable packaging and packing products to ship their art to you.

You can also find

There are many ways for you to add a little green art into your home. Geometric wall art is a simple and easy way to make a statement in any room of your house.

The geometric wall art is often made with eco-friendly materials that are green. The canvas art and the metallic prints are usually made from recycled material. There are many different sizes, shapes, and styles of geometric art available for you so that you can find one that fits your particular decor the best.

Trying to find some fun new ways to add more green in your life? Look no further than geometric wall art. It is a great way to add some fun and excitement into your home while also helping to save the environment!

You’ll find a lot of great ideas for creative geometric wall art and efficient ways to create it.

Geometric wall art is becoming increasingly popular in home decor, as more and more people are looking for ways to make their homes more modern and eco-friendly.

Some ideas on how to create your own geometric wall art quickly and efficiently:

1. Use the Internet to get some inspiration for your geometric wall art design; browse through pictures of modern paintings, furniture, sculptures, and even architecture. When you’re done, jot down all the elements that you like.

2. Make a list of all the tools that you will need to create your own geometric wall art. Consider buying some new tools if you don’t have them – it’s worth it! You’ll need a pencil, ruler or straight edge, a set square (or triangle), a protractor (or compass), and a pencil sharpener.

3. Take the measurements of your walls and start by drawing a rectangle that will be your canvas. You can do this with a pencil and a ruler or by using an app on your smartphone. Remember that you can always go back and erase any lines later if they aren’t perfect! If your walls are not completely straight, use a level or

Many people make the mistake of thinking that contemporary wall art only comes in acrylic or metal, but this isn’t true. It is possible to find other options as well. A great way to create a unique piece of wall art that will look great in your home is to use natural materials that are creatively woven together. This allows you to have a wall decor that is both stylish and eco-friendly.

One of the best things about this type of natural wall art is that it can be made from items that are commonly found lying around the home. You will also find it is easy to complete and may require little or no experience with crafts. If you would like to create your own contemporary wall art, the following steps should help you do so:

Step 1 – Gather your items

The first thing you will want to do is gather together several interesting branches from trees or bushes outside. In addition, you will need several sheets of paper and a few other optional supplies such as yarn and/or string. These are used for weaving together the branches for the contemporary wall art project.

Step 2 – Shape branches

The next step is to take each branch and shape it into a spiral that is roughly three inches thick at its thickest point. You will want to use

Wall art with a geometric design is able to release your energy and add a touch of modernity to your home decor. A geometric design is perfect for a contemporary home as it has clean lines and strong colors. The combination of colors also gives an initial impression of warmness, but the actual colors, especially the base colors, are cool.

The color scheme used in creating geometric wall art can be dark and light, dark, or just dark or light. The main idea behind this art is the use of triangles, squares, rectangles and other forms which make up a large part of geometry. An artist may use any one or more of these basic shapes to create geometric art. The use of different colors in creating this type of art can give an illusion of movement or even depict movement itself.

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The idea behind this geometric wall art is to create a visual effect using some simple and cheap materials. The main idea is to cut the canvas using a different shape that when placed next to each other will create a puzzle-like look.


1. First of all, you will need to find a picture or design you want to use for your wall art. The best thing would be that the image is made out of geometric shapes like lines, circles or squares, but this is not necessary at all. I found this lovely tree inside one of my books and decided to use it. You can also print images from the internet or get them printed by an online printing company.

2. Decide on the size of your canvas and cut it into smaller pieces using scissors or an exacto knife. The pieces have to be smaller than the size of your final composition, since you will have to overlap them in order to create the puzzle-like look.

3. After cutting all the pieces you can start placing them one next to another on the wall until you are happy with the result. For me it was easier to use masking tape instead of glue as it allowed me to move things around easily until I managed to find the perfect combination.


In this article, I will give you some geometric wall art ideas to create a unique and stylish wall decor in your home. You can use these designs as inspiration for your own art work or even try them out yourself.

Towel Wall Art – This is perhaps the easiest way to create geometric wall art that involves no painting at all. All you need are some colorful hand towels or sheets, a few nails and some decorations such as ribbons, buttons, beads etc. You just pin them on the wall in a design that you like, and then hang the towels on top of them.

T-Shirt Quilt – If you have more t-shirts than you know what to do with it is time to create an amazing geometric wall art by making a quilt out of them. First, collect all your old shirts, do not throw any away because they can be useful for this project. Then cut them into squares of about 10 inches in size. Next, sew the squares together in rows and then into bigger squares. Use different colored fabrics for each square so that you get interesting patterns after sewing. Next, make four equal size squares and sew them together like a big pillow case. Fill it with all the small squares that you have sewn together earlier

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