How to Be a Street Artist

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Street art is a broad term that encompasses artwork created in public places and viewed by the general public. It can be done on almost any surface, including buildings, bridges, trains, buses, walls and street signs. With the help of spray paint, stencils and wheat paste, artists can turn almost any surface into a canvas.

This blog documents my journey as a street artist in New York City. It features photos of my work, plus sketches and updates on my progress as I strive to become an established artist.

Being a street artist is something that you do. It is not something that you are, or something that you can be just by wanting to. You need to do certain things in order to become a street artist.

It takes time, and it takes money. If you have artistic talent, people will tell you that all you need to be a street artist is “confidence.” But confidence alone will not make your art good enough. You need to understand why your art isn’t good enough. Confidence alone will not help you figure out what steps to take next.

The steps are: learn about the form of your chosen art; practice it; study it; think about it; and show people what you’ve made. And each of these steps requires more than confidence.”

Street art is a very broad term. It covers anything from tagging to billboard alteration to gallery-worthy paintings. Urban artists tend to be pretty self-motivated and creative, so it can be tough working on a street art piece. Check out this blog for some tips on how to make it as an artist in any field.

The blog owner, who goes by the name Tats Cru, is a street artist himself and has been working at his craft for more than fifteen years. He shares his thoughts on graffiti and street art and his own personal projects and travels around the world showing other artists how to do things correctly.

Tats Cru also gives advice on what tools you need in order to create amazing work and how to best use them. He will show you how he creates his famous images, tells stories about when he’s been arrested or caught doing something illegal, and shares his thoughts about graffiti in general.*(

The idea of being a street artist is something that I have had for quite some time. Mostly, it was just my desire to create art that is completely free from the confines of the modern day art world. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I decided to try and actually make this dream a reality. Being an artist in a city like Chicago can be exciting, but also risky with how fast everything changes. I wanted to be able to capture life on camera in ways that were different than what everyone else was doing. So despite all the risks, I continued to take photos of people while they were unaware as well as in candid moments.

I’ve been working on graffiti and street art since 2002, but it wasn’t until I was a few months away from graduate school that I realized I could make a living at it.

My name is Andrew Schoultz, and I live in Seattle. This is my blog.

When I was in elementary school, I remember walking home with a friend one day and telling her my dream: when we grew up, we would get married and he would be a famous artist and I would be his manager. She looked at me like I was crazy. But what else did kids know about the future?

I didn’t really have any interest in art until high school, when life drawing class seemed like the only thing worth showing up for (and it still does, if you’re into that sort of thing). It was in that class that my friend Eric showed me some of his graffiti work, which led to a long hiatus from drawing people and an obsession with letters.

The obsession eventually turned into graffiti, which led to painting on walls illegally (and getting caught), which led to painting on canvases legally (and quitting my job). And once the “legally” part kicked in, things started moving pretty quickly.

I’ve always thought there were two kinds

To succeed in the art world, you need to love art and be good at it; but you also need to be professional and work hard. If you want to make a living with your art, you need to balance the two.

If you don’t love art enough, you won’t work hard enough to become good enough. If you don’t work hard enough, you won’t become good enough. And if you don’t love art enough, then even if you do become good enough, it won’t matter because it will never occur to you to try to make money with your art.

Urban artists have figured out how to be successful without compromising their passion for street art. They are able to innovate with new techniques while being prolific enough that they can sell their work on the streets. The best of them become well known in their cities and beyond because of their skill level and creativity. Many urban artists have even turned their homes into galleries where they can showcase their works.

They are able to create incredible pieces of artwork, like murals and graffiti paintings that have taken the time they needed to develop a unique style and technique. They spend hours upon hours creating masterpieces that can reach up to hundreds of feet high! Not only are they creating very large pieces of

My name is Adrej, I am a street artist and I am 32 years old. I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I have been living in Prague since 2001. I paint on the streets since 2006. My first large scale mural was painted on a bridge over Vltava river in 2007. Nowadays I work in different fields of art, such as graffiti, stencils and illustrations.

The first name under which I was known for my street art was “BOOBS”. The name itself is not important though; what matters most is the work you do.

My most well-known works are: “Jesus riding the bicycle” near Goethe Institut in Prague (2010), “Dalai Lama on the toilet” near Stromovka Park (2011), “SSSR” near National Museum (2012) and “Werich’s Platoon” – a cycle of paintings dedicated to Jaroslav Hašek and his novel “The Good Soldier Švejk” (2013).

For almost three years now I am working on the project of building a monument to Jaroslav Hašek and his book The Good Soldier Svejk in Prague – it is called

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