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Here’s some great tips on how to decorate your home on the cheap. This is a great blog where I talk about ways to decorate your home with little to no money. Take a look!

Lately I have been seeing a lot of blog posts, even in the mainstream media, about how to decorate your home with no money. And there are a lot of ways you can do it. But let’s be honest, if you are reading this blog, you have some money. You may not be rich or anything, but you probably make enough so that you can afford a few decorations. And even though I am always telling people that they don’t need any money to decorate their home, I believe that cheap and easy is the way to go if you are just starting out with decorating your home.

And on my blog I talk about some basic tips for decorating your home on the cheap and easy. Some of them include creating your own art and making things from scratch. I do this all the time so that my home is filled with things that make me happy every day!

Sometimes when I tell people about these ideas they look at me like I’m nuts because they think that these things are going to take too much time without working out well in the end. But please don’t worry! I will show you examples and pictures so that it will give you ideas on how to create art for your home whether it’s on the cheap or not

If you are like most people and are looking for some home decorating ideas or tricks to help you save money I am here to help. I have gathered a few different ways to decorate your house with little or no money at all.

I have a blog, http://beachwallart.tumblr.com/ , that talks about many different ways you can decorate without having to spend a lot of money. The blog is filled with DIY projects, as well as links to online tutorials and videos that will make your home look amazing!

Here are a few of my favourite ideas;

1. Wall art – There are many different types of wall art out there and it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Check out my blog for tips on how to make your own wall art, or even just buy some canvas’ and paint them! You can find some great deals at second hand stores too! And don’t forget – your walls don’t have to be boring! Hang up tapestries, quilts, rugs and more!

2. Make pillows – Pillows are simple and cheap yet they make your room look amazing. You can find lots of free tutorials on how to make them on the internet or if you want something quick and easy

I’m a 23 year old professional that has had to learn how to save money. I love decorating my home, and I’ve come up with many ways to do it on the cheap. This blog is where I can share what I am learning with others in hopes of passing on great finds and deals, as well as helping people that may have more money than me, but less time.

I love decorating my home and I’m always looking for new ways to do it on the cheap. This is my blog where I share all of my ideas!

My name is Katrina and I am a stay at home/work from home Mom to 3 rambunctious boys (11, 10 and 8). In 2010 when we moved into our new house we had little money for decorating and the walls were just empty. Since then, I have used little to no money to make our place look like a warm comfy home.

Today I’ll be sharing how I made these beach inspired wall hangings with sea shells from the dollar store and some craft paper. These are great for adding a coastal feel to any room in your house!


Large flat pieces of cardboard or foam core

*I used plain white poster board for this project. You just want something large enough to give you an area to glue your pictures down to.*

Small flat pieces of cardboard or foam core (for hanging)

Craft glue (I used Mod Podge)

Paint brushes

Scissors or x-acto knife

Sea shell collection (or items that resemble them) – Dollar Store*

Step by Step:

1. Gather your materials

Hello, I am MacKenzie, a licensed interior decorator in Dallas, Texas.

I have been in the furniture and home accessories business for ten years and enjoy sharing my passion for fashion and design with others. With the help of my husband John we have created this blog to share our home decorating secrets with you. Our goal is to show you how to make your own custom wall art and home accessories that look like they came from high end design stores.

Flipping through my latest issue of Country Living Magazine the other day, I was inspired by one of their featured rooms called The Blue Den. This room featured a glass display case that had been painted white. I knew immediately this is what I wanted to recreate for my dining room for less than $100.00… Read more about Beach Wall Art

Hi, I’m Michelle and I run a blog called Beach Wall Art. I love to read blogs by other college students and I’ve always wanted to start one of my own. There really isn’t much information on decorating your college apartment, so I figured I would give it a shot!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing them! You can email me- beachwallartblog@gmail.com

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