Hand Held Flower Vase by Marcus Lira

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Have you ever seen a flower vase like in the picture above? Plastic vases are not known for their beauty, but this one somehow looks different. It’s the work of Marcus Lira, a São Paulo-based designer who has created a line of hand-held flower vases.

The idea came to him while he was traveling through Greece and happened to see an old lady holding a bunch of flowers in her hands as she was walking through the airport. This image stuck with him, and he decided to create a flower line art using hand-held plastic vases.

The main challenge he faced was finding a way to support the water without letting it drip on the table or hands of the person holding the vase. After many tests on paper, Marcus found that adding a small notch inside the cap made it possible to keep water in place. After making several adjustments, he finally got his first plastic design.

Trying out different colors and materials helped Marcus develop three designs: blue/white, red/white, and transparent/white. All of them are available on his website .

Marcus Lira isn’t a professional flower artist. He’s a man who happens to like flowers, and who, in his spare time, like so many of us, has started showing off with them. His latest project is called Flower Line Art.

Terrifically creative in its own right, it also seems to have been a source of inspiration for the work of others. Here’s one example, by Nao Kawazoe, which incorporates the same hand-held vase:

(Photo: Nao Kawazoe)

That is the way innovation works. One person does something that seems promising but which no one has done before, then others see its possibilities and build on it. Many of the things we now call “art” were once just imagination exercises by individuals; once others saw their potential and ran with them, they became art.

The first thing that you will notice is the unique flower line art by Marcus Lira, who hand holds the vases to create beautiful designs. The second thing that you will notice is the variety of kinds in which he uses to do his work. You see, the artist does not just hold one kind of vase. He has a collection of them.

The plastic vases come in different sizes and in various shapes. And so, this allows Marcus to create different widths and heights of flowers. And then as you can see, they are all beautifully arranged with fresh cut flowers.

This art piece is really lovely. It combines creativity and uniqueness with beauty and elegance.

Flower line art is a new kind of art that includes hand-held plastic vases. The concept is simple; a piece of art is made with small plastic vases filled with water and flowers. It all started when I was looking for a way to make my own unique art out of something that would be cheap and easy to replace. I have always loved the look of lines and dots in a modern art form and wanted to incorporate them into my designs. I started to play around with different designs and came up with the idea of using flower vases in a modern design that would allow me to create my own pattern on each piece I designed.

I have been looking for a new vase to use in my home, but I wasn’t sure what kind I wanted. At first, I thought that a ceramic vase would be better because it is sturdier and will last longer. However, this day I was at a local discount store and saw a plastic flower vase that looked so unique and pretty, so I bought it. It only cost me $5.00 and it looks great in my living room. Later on I found out that the flower line art featured the same type of vases that I purchased. The artist explains the process of turning plastic water bottles into flower vases in detail on his site. He also shows pictures of the different shapes he makes for the special vases he sells. The site also has information about how to take care of these hand-held flower vases once you purchase them.

I read some reviews of his products online at Amazon.com and they were all positive with four or five stars out of five possible ones. That’s why I am certain that this is a great artist with beautiful hand held flower vases.>>>

Flower vase art is a type of floral arrangements that is made from plastic bottles. The flower vase art can be as simple as placing a flower in the bottle or creating an arrangement such as a pyramid of flowers. The use of these containers instead of classical flower vases has become popular because they are more economical, they may be recycled, and they can be reused repeatedly.

Tutorials on how to make the art are available on the Internet. The process typically involves cutting the bottom off of a plastic bottle and filing down any rough edges to make it smooth. A hole is then cut into the bottle lid so that it fits around a standard floral stem. It may be painted or decorated with stickers or other items for added interest.

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