Get Lost in Time with This Ethereal Art Series

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Sakimichan’s art series, which is a project where she makes paintings of places from popular video games. The series has been very popular and has been published in several magazines and books.

The series has been very popular and has been published in several magazines and books. In her blog, Sakimichan discusses the process of creating the paintings, the materials that she uses, and inspirations for the paintings. She also shares her online tutorials, which are full of helpful tips on digital painting techniques that even experienced painters can learn from.

Thanks to her dedication to sharing her knowledge with others, Sakimichan is a rising star in the world of digital art. She strives to showcase video game worlds in a way that reveals their hidden beauty; many of her fans consider her a master at this art form.

If you’re a fan of video games, or just like looking at beautiful art, then get ready to get lost in time with this series of paintings by artist sakimichan.

Her paintings involve the original game worlds and characters, with the character usually being the focal point of the painting. However, the artist mashes up the worlds and puts them in a different setting. It’s almost as if you are watching a scene play out in real life, but you know it’s not really happening.

Titled “Game Worlds,” this is a project that sakimichan has been working on for four years. The paintings are often very detailed, and she also has many of them available as prints. If you’d like to see more of her work, head on over to her website at

Sakimichan is a talented artist from Australia, and is well known for her amazing digital art. She started out as an amateur artist on DeviantArt, and in 2011, she decided to make a series of paintings based on the locations of popular video games. She has painted locations from popular games such as “Dragon Age,” “Skyrim,” “Zelda,” “Assassin’s Creed,” “Portal,” and more.

She gets inspiration for her paintings by doing research on the backgrounds of the game or movie she is going to paint. Her goal is to accurately portray each place while making it look beautiful and ethereal at the same time. She also tries to make her paintings as realistic as possible.

Towards that end, she uses Photoshop CS5, a Wacom graphics tablet and a graphics tablet pen, Corel Painter 11, a camera, and stock photos of real-life scenes for reference. In addition, she takes multiple shots of the same painting from different angles so that she can view it from different perspectives.

Before starting on a painting project, she looks at images of the scenery from above, sideways and below so that she can get every angle right. After that, she lays down the base colors with soft brushes

Sakimichan is a digital artist who has been working on a series of paintings inspired by iconic locations from video games.

This project is called “The Video Game Art Project” and it’s a work in progress. She’s currently working on painting the last location, Ordon Village from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Sakimi hopes to complete all 48 paintings by the end of 2014.

She also plans to release a book that features all 48 paintings.

According to the artist, sakimichan, she painted these digital art pieces by taking a screenshot of the game and then painting over it. She says that there is a lot of work that goes into creating these pieces of art. She has to imagine the scene, find the right angle to recreate the “mood” and make sure that the lighting in the piece will look nice and realistic.

This is certainly a cool idea, and it’s neat to see how other artists go about recreating their favorite scenes from video games. The paintings are very nice, but I do wonder why she chose to paint these scenes instead of creating something new? It might be because it would be hard for her to come up with something totally new since she’s such a big fan of video games. But then again, I think she could have still done something original for this project, so I’m not sure why she did this.


Sakimichan is a digital artist who has created series of artworks for popular video games. She has used her skills to create a realistic and dreamy atmosphere to entertain the gamer in each of us.

The artworks are simple, yet complex at the same time, they have a smokey feel to them which makes them look like they are floating through time. Head on over to her website to view some of her most popular pieces.

In the online community, it is possible to find a whole new world of supportive and encouraging people. You don’t have to feel alone while you are going through art college. There are others that are experiencing the same things as you are.

Artists who have graduated from art schools can give valuable advice. The next best thing is to read about the experiences of those who have gone before you. Reading about different artists and their creations can give you ideas for your own work.

It’s easy to get in touch with other artists if you want to by joining a forum that allows you to communicate with others who share your interests, or by participating in a blog or a chat room where discussions are based around art.

Trying out all kinds of art, every medium and technique will teach you what works for you and your unique style of art making. The only way to really find out what works for you is to try out everything and anything! The more techniques and mediums that you try, the more your style will grow into something unique and beautiful.”

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