Fun Paper Mache Art

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This blog is about fun paper mache art projects, which are great for kids of all ages and adults too! Our goal is to help you have a good time creating art with paper mache.

Paper mache is very easy to do and results in some really amazing three dimensional art. With a few simple materials you can make beautiful sculptures that look like they’re made out of plaster or clay, when in fact they’re made out of paper.

This blog will give you ideas on what to create as well as how to do it. You’ll also find links to other sites where you can learn even more. No experience is necessary so come along and let’s have some fun!

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Paper Mache Art is a blog for artists who love making paper mache art. We offer a wide variety of paper mache projects that anyone can do at home and provide lots of tips and information about how to improve your craft.

We post new craft ideas once a week and also have a lot of fun with contests and challenges. We are always looking for new artists to share their projects on our blog and would love to see what you come up with! You can also ask us questions about paper mache art or join our Paper Mache Art group on facebook.

We hope you enjoy Paper Mache Art and find it useful.

When I see a beautiful thing created by hand I can’t help but think that the artist had to have had a lot of fun. The idea of making something from paper mache is so unique and interesting. Paper mache has become my hobby and it has certainly taken over my life.

I have always loved the idea of paper mache art and I always wanted to try it, but I just never did because there was no one around who knew how to do it for me. Now that there are so many great tutorials available on the internet, I can finally make my own paper mache projects.

When you work with paper mache, you get to be creative in so many ways. There are plenty of craft stores that carry everything you need to make your own paper mache masterpiece. There are tons of great ideas out there for things to create using paper mache, even if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Here’s an example:

Paper Mache Artwork : Paper Mache is basically a process used to sculpt objects from a special type of paste made from flour and water mixed with glue or plaster of Paris. It is basically a form of mixed media art practiced mainly by professional artists and serious amateurs all over the world because of

This is a blog about paper mache art. I will be posting paper mache artwork, paper mache techniques and craft tutorials. I have been working on paper mache projects for over 10 years. I have completed many projects including masks, sculptures and 3 dimensional paintings. Paper mache is a fun and inexpensive craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. You can make horse heads, dragon heads, bird houses and even furniture with paper mache! My blog will include tips on how to create different things and how to use different types of paper mache.


I have created many tutorials for making masks, headdresses, birds and more using the easy methods that I have developed over the years. I am always adding new material so check back often for more information about these fun arts and crafts projects!

Creative paper mache art is a fun way to create decorative objects or figures. Making paper mache art provides an opportunity to create something that is both decorative and useful. Paper mache art is also a great way to recycle paper and magazines into something new and exciting.

It’s a simple process, made even easier by the wide variety of kits available. With these kits you can make flowers, animals, furniture, and more with ease. Paper mache art kits come in a variety of different colors to match your decorating needs.

Paper mache is easy to use once you know how it is applied. You’ll need flour, water, newspaper or paper towels for this project. Mix one part water with two parts flour until it forms a pasty consistency for your paste. Then apply the mixture to the item you’re making using the newspaper or paper towels as a barrier between the paste and your object so it doesn’t stick. Let dry overnight.* *

This blog is about a variety of paper mache projects that I have been doing for years. Paper mache is an inexpensive and safe way to create art that can be hung on walls, put in windows, or used as table centerpieces.

I use newspaper and wallpaper paste for my paste recipes. The recipe for the newspaper paste is 1 part glue to 2 parts water. For wallpaper paste I use 1 part glue to 4 parts water. The mixture should be thick enough to hold its shape when picked up, but thin enough to spread easily on the surface you are covering.

You can also use brown sugar, corn syrup, and water together to make a paste. The sugar makes it stickier so it can be more pliable while being worked with.

I’ve created some new paper mache art designs that look like real metal. I have a few posts about how to make them and have posted a video too. You can see them all here .

I’m adding more posts and pictures so please check back often. I’ll be posting my new designs as well as updating the ones I’ve already made.

I hope you enjoy my paper mache art blog!

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