DIY Project Add Art to Your Walls with a Range Poses Backdrop

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The reason I am presenting these DIY projects is because I am an artist, and I cannot afford to buy all of the props that I need for my photography. That is why I decided to create a prop/backdrop making business on the side.

I sell my backdrops through my Etsy shop where I also sell my art prints and paintings.

One of my biggest products is my “Range Wall Art” project which I have done over 15 times now. It’s a great project to add some western flare to your walls!

Range Wall Art is the first project I’ve done at home. In the past I was always working on other people’s projects. This time, I decided to do some art on my own walls. Instead of doing a traditional backdrop that you’d use to take pictures, we are going to make a range wall art.

*I’ve been looking and looking for something that could go in my dining room, but all I could find were those plain pictures with nature scenes. No flare at all!*

I wanted something more like this:

Instead of spending $500+ on something pre-made and bland, why not make your own? We have a lot of stuff lying around the house that we can use to create our own range wall art using as little as two supplies.*

You can use any type of material for this project. In fact there are several ways you can make this project from different materials – see what works best for you! The only thing you want to keep in mind is how big it will be when finished and how much space you have for it.*

For my project I used:*


I’ve been looking around for scenic backdrops for my photos and I’ve found that most of them are pretty expensive. I’m not one to pay $500 for a backdrop that I could make myself for the cost of supplies. Plus, the DIY versions looked like they would be a lot more work than I wanted to put into a backdrop.

Tape & cardboard range wall art Printables (cut-outs) I created to decorate my home range wall with some art! Some of them have blank lines so you can add your own text, others are pre-made with phrases/words that mean something special to me. Print at 100% and scale accordingly.

This was a pretty easy project. I followed this tutorial on how to make a scenic photo backdrop and then just printed these off on cardstock and taped them up! If you don’t have a printer that can print double sided, just flip them over and tape on the other side!

These would be really cute if you had some sort of specialty range in your home like an antique gun collection or even your own wild game trophy mounts! They are also perfect for the country kitchen or dining room!

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought, I want that wall? Or maybe, I want that wall in my house?

If so, here’s your chance to make it happen. For those of you who have never been to the Range, it is a diner in Boulder that has a terrific “art gallery” on the walls. It changes almost every day and features local artists as well as some from farther away. The walls are gorgeous.

Trying to get there can be tricky. And you might have trouble getting a seat. If you’re lucky enough to do both of those things (or if you live in Boulder), the next step is to get your very own piece of wall art. And here’s how to do it:


1×3’s – I got mine at Lowes. Mine were 1x3x8’s but they also had 1x3x10’s which would give you more surface area for hanging stuff on. Make sure they are pine because pine is cheap and sturdy and won’t warp when you paint it (which you will). Also, get boards that are straight and without knots or nicks in them. If they have knots in them, use them somewhere else; they’ll snag your fabric when you

I wanted to add some drama to our living room, so I hung a black backdrop. It was simple and quick and worked perfectly for the photo shoot I needed it for.

I just used a $10 curtain from Ikea, but there are many ways to create a similar backdrop. Here are some other cheap ideas:

1.) Black duvet cover, or sheets, or even black garbage bags (if you’re not doing it on the floor)

2.) Paint your wall solid black!

3.) Repurpose old fabric or a blanket as an easy backdrop.

4.) A roll of paper would also work, though you might need a second person to help hold it up

5.) A large black poster board works well too**

Once you have the backdrop you need, grab some poster board and a ruler and make yourself a frame. You’ll want your frame big enough to get your whole family in the shot together. This frame is going to help make sure that your backdrop looks smooth and seamless when your take photos. Don’t worry about making it super neat; this isn’t an heirloom piece of art! And be sure to cut off any excess cardboard around the edges of your frame; you want it to fit on your wall snug

Are you ready to start your own project? In this tutorial I will show you how to make an easy backdrop for your next shoot.

If you are a photographer, a model, a makeup artist or anyone else in the fashion industry, chances are you have had to do some kind of headshot at one time or another. If you have done a fair share of these types of photos it can become difficult to find new places to shoot your models. You may find yourself at the same park day after day. Or even worse, other people may notice your routine and begin to wonder what you are doing!

In order to combat this problem I like to create my own sets. It is also fun to create sets that fit with the theme of my photo project. For example I am currently photographing based on Alice in Wonderland, so I needed an outdoor set that went along with this theme.

The set that I created was simple and easy and only cost me a few dollars. Here is how I did it:

First, I brainstormed a few different poses that would be fitting for my photos…

Then I headed out into the yard with a friend or two and started looking for rocks and wood we could use to build our set wall…

We utilized free

I started playing around with paper and found that it was actually pretty easy to make some fairly good looking walls. I added some color to the project with a paint brush and some watercolors. Then I hung up these pictures in my kitchen and I love how it turned out.

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