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Disney Art Blog is a blog of historic artwork created by The Walt Disney Company. A blog dedicated to the story behind disney art, with a focus on historic artwork.

Name:The secret to getting your art discovered

Disney Art Blog is created to share my passion for Disney art. This blog is also created to share the little information that are not easily found online. I hope this blog will help you to know more about the history behind disney art and the artist behind each artwork.

**Whether you’re a Mickey Mouse fan or a newbie, I believe this blog will have something that can interest you.**

Welcome to the new disney art blog. Here we will be looking into all the history and artwork behind Disney art.

Some of the topics I will be covering are:

Disney Art History

Artists who have worked with Disney

Disney Attractions and how they were made.

I will be covering everything. So if you like disney artwork then this is the blog for you. Enjoy!

Hopefully you will enjoy this blog, and hopefully it will teach you a little something about the history of Disney art.

I do not own any of the pictures on here, they belong to their rightful owners. If there is anything on this website that belongs to you, and you would like me to remove it please contact me and I will do so immediately.

All of us were artists once. We drew dinosaurs and rocket ships. We sketched the people in our lives and the creatures we imagined. We poured paint onto a canvas to make something new, something that did not exist before.

You are still an artist. You have just forgotten what it was like to be one. How to rediscover how we can rekindle our sense of wonder in the ordinary and the mundane? To learn where art comes from, we must look at how it changes over time. The history of art shows us that art does not come from a place or an era but is, rather, a thing that happens in all times and places.*

9/4/2013 – updated: added link to pixar art page on blogspot*

The art of animation is a fascinating field to explore. From the earliest days of Walt Disney, it has set a standard for excellence and quality that is still unsurpassed.

The key to the animation art is that it needs to be fluid, dynamic, alive and realistic. In order to capture the realism, the artist needs to have a background in fine drawing and painting, as well as understanding of anatomy, perspective and composition.

The artistic skill required to animate something is beyond the scope of this blog, but I will attempt to explain what an animator goes through in order to make his work look so real that it can fool a live audience.

The art of Disney is a broad subject, and encompasses the visual art produced by Walt Disney and his staff for films, television, theme parks, and other media owned by The Walt Disney Company. The history of Disney’s animation dates back to the 1920s and the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons. In the 1930s, Disney began to develop what was then known as “the new medium” of animated cartoons. These officially made their debut in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which is regarded as one of the best American animated films ever produced. Starting with Pinocchio (1940), Disney began producing full-length animated features, with which they introduced new characters such as Donald Duck and Goofy as well as new versions of old favorites including Jiminy Cricket (replacing Jiminy Crow) and Tinker Bell. After moving to Hollywood three years later, Disney continued to produce cartoons for theaters. During World War II, he was a special consultant to the United States Army on the creation of training films for soldiers in battlefield conditions.

Toward the end of the war, he prepared a film that showed how American culture was affected by mobilization; this film was intended to be shown only to military leaders but was accidentally released to the public in 1945. That year also

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