3 Tips on Hanging Wall Art

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When you want to hang your favorite black wall art, it is important to choose the right hangers. There are many choices available and it can be overwhelming. To help you decide which hanger is best for your wall art, follow these three simple tips.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur, hanging wall art on your walls will be a simple task if you follow these steps:

4. Use a pencil to mark the screw positions on the wall.

5. Remove the screws or nails and place them in the marked position.

6. Replace the screws or nails in their new positions and hang your black wall art with these screws or nails.

7. Step back and enjoy your black wall art!

Hanging Wall Art can be extremely rewarding when you get to see your favorite black wall art on your walls. There is nothing like finishing up a piece of black wall art and enjoying it right away!

Hanging your favorite black wall art can be a tedious task if you don’t have any idea what you are doing. Luckily for you, we have some tips on hanging your favorite black wall art that will make the job much easier.

1. When in doubt, it is always better to use a stud finder. Stud finders are inexpensive and easy to use. You simply run the stud finder across the wall and it will tell you where the studs in your wall are located. Because most black wall art is pretty lightweight, you should be able to hang your black wall art through drywall without any problems.

2. It is also important to make sure your nails or picture hangers are long enough to penetrate into the drywall and into a stud behind it. Drywall is quite easy to break through so this step is very important in ensuring that your black wall art doesn’t fall off of the wall.

3. If you want to hang your black wall art on a concrete wall, like a garage or basement, there are special concrete hangers that can be used instead of nails or picture hangers. These concrete hangers can be used when you would normally use drywall nails or picture hangers as well as when hanging on anything made of

Hanging wall art is often the last thing you do before you’re finished decorating a room. This is partly because it can be difficult to know where to hang your favorite black wall art, but also because it can be hard to visualize how it will look on your walls.

Hanging a piece of black wall art is both an art and a science. The art comes in when you have a certain piece that you really want to hang, but aren’t sure where it should go, or how you will get it up there. The science comes into play when you consider the overall design of the room and the function of your favorite black wall art within that space.

Tackling the Art

The first step in hanging black wall art is getting an idea of what’s possible. When you think about where to hang your black wall art, don’t just think vertically; think horizontally as well. You might not have considered framing the artwork with other pieces or using multiple pieces of black wall art in one area of a room. Don’t forget about adding something on the floor or even on a ceiling!

Complementary Pieces

Matching black wall art isn’t necessary, but complementary pieces can make for a stunning display that’s also functional within your room. Look

The time to hang your art is before you buy it.

It is a common mistake to fall in love with a piece of art and then try to figure out how, where and when to hang it. You should work backwards from the goal of getting your art on the wall. If you have never hung art before, or you are hanging something particularly difficult, then take some time to learn what works best.

How to Determine Where to Hang Your Art

One thing that makes making decisions about where to hang your art tough is that you do not know how it will look in its new home (unless you are able to take a photo of it first). This can be especially problematic if you are trying to match a piece of art with a particular room or setting. However, there are ways around this dilemma.

If the room has an open floor plan then look at your art in both rooms at the same time and see which one “wows” you more. If one room makes you say “Wow!” and the other doesn’t then choose that one for your piece of black wall art.

If the rooms have different floor plans use the mirror test: Look in the mirror and imagine how your piece of black wall art would look in each room. Use

Hanging your art on the wall is a simple process if you follow these three tips:


Wall art of any kind can add style and beautiful touches to your walls, but it’s important to think about how it will be properly displayed. Whether you’re hanging pictures, mirrors, or even a large sculpture, there are a few tips you should follow to ensure that the piece is correctly positioned and secured.

TIP 1: Place the picture as close to the center of the wall as possible. This will give a more balanced look than if the picture hangs off-center.

TIP 2: Measure the length of the wall that you want to decorate and purchase an appropriate-sized frame for your artwork. When purchasing a larger piece, make sure that it is proportional in size to the room in which it will hang so that it doesn’t overpower the room.

TIP 3: If you are hanging a heavy piece of art (i.e., anything over 30 pounds), then it’s best to use wire or heavy-duty picture hangers for added support.

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