Creating art off of canvas

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Abstract art is something that makes you think. It is a form of expression that uses shapes and colors to express the artist’s inner feelings, thoughts, ideas and emotions. Abstract art is very unique because the way it is created and presented, it cannot be duplicated. It can be in different mediums such as canvas, paper work or even a three-dimensional piece of art.


1) To educate the public on what abstract art really is and what it stands for. 2) To help artists understand how they can better their artwork by using abstract artwork as an inspiration 3) To help people appreciate the hard work that goes into making a spectacular piece of modern abstract art.

I will accomplish this by 1) Creating a blog where I can introduce myself and other artists 2) By creating posts where I can show my work and the work of other artists 3) By posting educational videos about abstract art 4) By creating a forum where anyone from novice to expert can come together to discuss abstract art

My site will have links to other blogs with information about different forms of modern abstract art, interviews with influential people in the abstract field, forums for people to share their opinions about things pertaining to abstract art and videos that show how different types of paintings are made

Abstract Art breaks away from the traditional use of canvas. In Abstract Art, the canvas is also the art. With a few common household supplies and a little bit of effort, you can create your own abstract art piece.

Alcohol Ink makes a great medium for creating abstract art. Alcohol inks are water based dyes that come in a variety of colors and are able to be used on wood, glass, metal, plastic, paper and more. Alcohol Inks can be applied with paint brushes or by simply dripping the ink onto your surface.

The process of applying Alcohol Inks is similar to applying paint to canvas; however, the surface you are applying the alcohol ink to will determine the look and feel of your final product. If you want your final product to have a smooth surface, it is suggested that you apply multiple layers so that there is enough drying time between layers to prevent smearing and sticking. If you want your final product to have a rough texture, wait until one layer dries completely before adding another layer.

You can create unique abstract art pieces using only two supplies: Alcohol Ink and a sealer. The sealer will help protect your finished piece from smudging or smearing while it is drying or if it comes into contact with other objects

The purpose of art is to communicate ideas, feelings, or a message to the viewer. The modern abstract artists were the first to break free from this common convention. They introduced the idea that art did not have to be reproduced on a 2D canvas. Modern abstract art has no rules and is unpredictable.

This new form of art was introduced by Kazimir Malevich in his Black Square paintings in 1915. Malevich’s paintings were intended to be an expression of the spiritual feeling that he experienced after a mystical revelation. It was very different from any other type of painting before it.

The abstract expressionists were mainly focused on using their medium as a way to express themselves. As such, they often used their own techniques and materials to create their works rather than using conventional techniques or materials. For example, Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings were created by pouring paint onto un-stretched canvases laid out on the floor of his studio; this method allowed him great freedom in composing his paintings and offered the viewer an experience of pure abstraction and randomness. This is one of the reasons why Pollock’s work was so important at its time; it created a new way for people to view and appreciate art.

Abstract art is a form of visual art that does not represent anything visible. In modern abstract art, the emphasis is on the creation, execution and imagination of the artist, rather than on an attempt to depict or suggest a particular entity.

Product:Modern Abstract Art

Abstract art is art that does not depict an object. It is an art form that is created within the mind of the artist, or by using a specific set of techniques. The main purpose of abstract art is to create a composition which stimulates the imagination of the viewer.

Abstract art can be created in many ways and with different types of materials. For example: paint, ink, charcoal, etc… In this article we will see how to create abstract art with acrylic paint on canvas.

Abstract art has been around for a long time, but it really came into its own in the twentieth century. It is an important part of art history and will continue to be influential into the future.

Abstract art, by definition, does not include recognizable objects or images in the work of art. Instead, it focuses on the colors, composition and other visual elements that create the mood and feeling of the piece. There are many different types of abstract art and each one has its own unique characteristics.

Tone is very important when you are trying to convey a specific emotion or feeling to your audience through your artwork. Abstract paintings have a certain type of tone that sets them apart from other types of paintings. In order to get this tone in your painting, you need to understand how it works.

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