Create Something Artistic Today

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The way to do it is to try to create something artistic today. You can do it at any time, but you will feel most creative if you do it early in your day. I like to do it right when I wake up, not because I’m a lark but because that’s when I have the energy to go into my studio and start something new:

What to create? Anything. Choose anything that is between 5 minutes and 2 hours of work and try to actually create it. If you want some motivation, here are some suggestions:

Take a photo of something in your house or apartment. Turn it into an abstract painting by taking out any color or detail that exists in the original photo.

Create a new font for your computer using the font creator on your computer or using an online font creator like or (I have absolutely no idea how these sites work)

Write a haiku or draw a picture that is somehow related to what you did yesterday

Write an email in iambic pentameter (5 beats per line) to someone you love

There are many more ideas on the blog, but these are a few suggestions for getting started: http://art-creativity-inspiration-blog

There are no formulas for being creative. It is a very individual thing, and you have to discover your own way of being creative.

We all have the potential to be creative, and we all have our own way of being creative. In this blog I will give you tips and ideas on how you can tap into that creativity within yourself in order to create something artistic.

You do not need expensive supplies, or to be an expert painter or poet or writer or sculptor or photographer. If you want to paint, then paint; if you want to write, then write; if you want to take photographs, then take photographs. You do not need to be an expert at it, but what you do need is the desire to express yourself creatively through art.

Conclusion: You always have the potential for creativity. There are no rules when it comes to creating something artistic. You just have to let go and trust your instincts and when you do something artistic will come from that place of self-expression.”

Art is everywhere, waiting for you to notice. Your job is only to notice it, and enjoy it. The rest of it comes naturally.

How does art happen? It happens when you capture the little details in life that make everything else seem bigger or smaller than life. Look at your friends, your family, your pets, and your world as if it were the first time you’ve seen them. And then paint or draw what you see.

I have been drawing for a long time and have created a lot of images over the years, but I am still learning how to improve my drawings and my drawings aren’t “perfect” yet…however I love drawing because I love making something out of thin air that wasn’t there before hand. So don’t be discouraged if you are just starting on learning how to draw because once you get started it will be hard to stop creating new drawings and artwork because of the thrill of being able to create something artistic…and who knows maybe someday you’ll be able to create an image like van gogh did with his sunflowers painting!

How do we continue to be creative?

1) Accept that you are creative and keep that creativity going.

2) Believe that you can create something artistic each day.

3) Keep your mind focused on the art you want to create, and don’t worry about if it sells or not.

4) See what happens when you make your art a priority in your life.

5) Constantly keep learning from others and from yourself.

6) Get out of your comfort zone and make new friends with whom you can share your art.

7) Embrace the fact that you will never stop creating, even if one day you feel like the well is dry.

8 ) Have fun sharing your art with the world!**

Creativity is a key to success. When you can create something new, you have a better chance of being successful. Creativity is the ability to take what already exists in the world and combine it with something new to form a unique product or idea. Art is a great way for people to become more creative.

We all have creativity within us and we can access that creativity any time we want to. There are many ways we can use our creativity every day. Art is an important way that we can express our creativity in a way that can be seen by others. Whether it is writing, painting, sculpting or performing, art allows us to share our ideas with other people. When you create something new, it makes you feel good and helps you to become more confident.

Creating a piece of art doesn’t take as much time as you might think and it can be fun! Consider taking up an art journal so that you can write about your thoughts, feelings and experiences in your journal. You could also start a sketchbook or use your tablet or phone to create digital artwork. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or artistically inclined person, everyone has the ability to create something artistic today!

Creativity is a skill. You can study it and learn. It requires experimentation, practice, and constant revision.

Creativity is not something you are or are not born with. It’s not a magic touch that only some people have.

It’s very possible to be creative but not know it, or to feel like you’re uncreative, when in reality you just haven’t tried enough things yet.

I am a creative person who didn’t always feel creative. I was constantly told that I wasn’t and that I shouldn’t bother trying to be because I was too “logical” to be creative.

I was also told that creativity was the domain of the artsy-fartsy types and not for the likes of me.

This all changed when someone lent me a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron (which, fortunately for me, she’d written for “creative” people who don’t feel creative).

The first time I saw a van Gogh painting was in an art history class. Immediately, I loved them. Their use of color and brush stroke was so interesting, and even then, I could see that they were special.

I now have a few van Gogh paintings hanging in my home, but the one I like most is “Starry Night”. There is something about that painting that draws me in every time, and I can stare at it for hours.

What makes Starry Night so great? What made van Gogh stand out as an artist? And why do his paintings appeal to us so much? There are many different reasons why we love Van Gogh’s paintings:

1. His use of color is unique. No other artist used color like he did, and this gave his work its own style. He was also the only one of his contemporaries who used this style – and he didn’t invent it; he got it from the Impressionists before him.

2. His brushwork was really interesting too, partly because he experimented with new techniques (more on this below).

3. Most of his works were expressions of his personal emotions – not that every artist can say the same thing! He felt things deeply and let those feelings

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