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You can use our paints and canvas to create your own canvas wall art. Our products are affordable and we offer a large variety of designs. You can even upload your own design for us to print on a canvas.

Our skilled artists will work with you to design something that is unique, and ensure that it looks exactly as you want it. We have been in business since the 90s and are the premiere source for quality canvas art prints at the best prices available.

You can find all of our products here;…

We accept that art and it’s expression is varied, we accept the way in which you choose to express yourself through your canvas paintings. Canvas prints are unique in that they are printed on a real canvas, giving them a texture and substance you can’t get with digital printing.

We are proud of our vast selection of fine art canvas prints, and hope you will find the perfect piece for your home or office. All of our prints are made on-demand, right here in our San Diego facility. We use only the finest archival materials and inks, and each piece is individually hand-stretched around 100% North American pine stretcher bars.

We do not sell posters or reproductions – only authentic fine art canvas prints. Our commitment to quality has made us the premier source for canvas paintings on the Internet, with thousands of satisfied customers from around the world.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us directly at: [email protected] OR CALL US AT (800) 725-3376 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FROM 10AM TO 4PM PACIFIC TIME

Horse Art is a marketplace for art lovers, painters and artists. We provide all the tools you need to create and buy art online, such as high quality canvas painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, framed wall art, wood art and many more.

Let’s brighten up your home with horse art!

We offers a great selection of high quality canvas prints from famous artists. Browse through our vast range of original paintings and find horse art which will fit perfectly in your interior. Discover our selection of modern canvas paintings including abstract and contemporary pieces at affordable prices. By choosing to buy horse art online you can enjoy the freedom of placing an order from home without the hassle of driving to a gallery or waiting for hours in line. The process of ordering any piece of horse art has been made easy thanks to our user friendly website. You can also take advantage of our secure checkout where you can purchase horse art with confidence knowing that all transactions are protected by industry standard encryption technology.”

Welcome to the Horse Art Blog. We hope you will enjoy your visit here and will find lots of useful information and inspiration.

This blog is a place where we hope you will be able to relax and share something with everyone else who visits.

If you have any topics you would like to see covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us through our “Contact Us” page. We are always looking for new topics and ideas!

We also want this blog to be an interactive site, so please feel free to post comments on any posts that interest you. Or if you prefer, we would love for you to submit your own original paintings.

That’s the question I get asked most often: “How did you get into art?”

I always answer, “It’s just something I do,” but that’s not really true. My parents are artists, so it’s actually kind of weird that I’m into horse art.

My dad was always a pretty serious oil painter. He wasn’t one of those guys who thought you couldn’t make a living that way, though; he just liked to paint more than he liked to sell his paintings. He made a little money here and there doing portraits of people’s pets and stuff like that, but mostly he didn’t care if his paintings ever sold.

I’ve got a lot of his early work tucked away in storage somewhere–things he did before I was born. And even then, when he was in his twenties, he was doing these super-realistic pictures of horses. Some of them are kind of abstract, where the eyes are all pupil and the nose is off to one side or something like that, but other ones are totally realistic and photographic–like a photo taken from below so you can see every strand of hair on the horse’s flank. They’re incredible paintings. (He would hate me for calling them “paintings,” though.

Art is difficult to define, but everyone knows it when they see it. This is true of most things of value in life. How do you know if you’re in love? If a song moves you? If a performance is great art?

Well, that’s easy: if the artist has something to say, and if he or she says it well.

A good horse artist can tell you about the passions, fears, hopes and dreams of a horse. You can trust what he or she tells you. He or she does not lie when there is nothing to be gained from lying; you can believe him or her when there are rewards for telling the truth.

The artist who creates artworks that move people is an honest man who tells the truth as best he can see it. That’s what we mean by fine art: art that touches the soul, art that speaks to us about life and death and all the things that matter most.

If you want to grow your business, it helps to create a brand. A brand is a product or service that has a specific image in the mind of the consumer. People who buy your product or service will not be satisfied with any substitute, even if the substitute is cheaper or better.

A classic example is Coca-Cola. You can find all sorts of drinks with comparable taste and ingredients, but no one drinks anything else when they want a soft drink.*

Brands aren’t just for consumer goods. An architect’s firm can be a brand. A law firm can be a brand. A product line within a company can be a brand. In fact, an individual within the company can be a brand: an engineer, or designer, or programmer with her own reputation for certain kinds of work.

This suggests the right way to add value to your existing business: by creating new brands within it (or for it). If each one captures part of the mindshare of your customers, then together they will have more than 100% of it — just as Coke and Pepsi together have more than 100% of the soft drink market’s mindshare.*

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