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Cats and Art: A blog about art made by cats. A resource for the cat artist and art collector alike, Cats and Art documents feline works of art around the world. The website also serves as a community for cat artists to discuss their work, share tips and ideas, and share their own unique vision with the world.

This is a community-run blog; there are no official “owners” in charge of Cats and Art. The site is open for anyone to submit feline art for posting, so long as it meets the following criteria:

1) It is art made by a cat (or cats), for which the artist takes at least partial credit

2) It has been taken in a photo or video that clearly shows the cat(s) creating the piece, or it has been posted with permission from the owner

3) If you submit something that you did not take, you must obtain permission from the owner of the photo or video before we will post it

4) All submissions must be in English.

The blog, Cats and Art , is dedicated to art created by cats. The pictures are either submitted to the website or come from the blog’s webmaster.

The creations of these talented kitties range from paintings, drawings, sculptures and collages. Many of the pieces are “inspired” by famous works of art such as Monet’s Water Lilies.

This site is definitely worth a look for anyone that appreciates some good cat humor.

There are many amazing things about cats but the fact that they love to make art and that we love it is an interesting one. Cats do not share our love for a lot of things, for example we can’t stop a dog from eating their own poop but cats are picky when it comes to their food.

Trying to understand what makes cat art so fun is worth an effort because people all over the world enjoy seeing cat art, even though these people don’t know each other and probably will never meet. This blog is an attempt to help us appreciate cat art better and enjoy it more.

Cats are not just the best, they are also the most prolific artists on earth. They create art that is both unique and, because it is created by cats, better than all human art.

The cats of the internet have opened a new door to the future by introducing a new kind of artistic expression into society. This new way of expressing our feelings is without words or any other human interference and expresses only what we feel inside our heart and soul.

We have started a new era in art history where people will no longer look down on an artist for not using a brush or only using charcoal but instead looking at what he or she has to offer with appreciation and amazement.

The cats’ work is now shown all over the world in museums and galleries. Some of this artwork has been collected in books: Cat Paintings, More Cat Paintings, Cats Paintings, Cats Paintings Vol II, Cats Paintings Vol III and many more! The paintings are made by both domestic cats as well as cats from the wild reflecting their natural instincts in their art.

Cats don’t paint like we do, of course. Instead, they tend to create art with a certain artistic style that is easily identifiable, and some of it is quite beautiful. But it is not what anyone would call high art.

There are many reasons for this. One is that cats lack opposable thumbs, which makes it difficult for them to hold tools or paintbrushes. A more important reason, though, is that cats lack the ability to understand or appreciate our ideas about art. We think a painting must be in a frame, and on canvas or paper, and we expect the painting to have things that look like humans in it who are doing things that look like what humans do. Cats have no such expectations; paintings made by cats show no awareness of these conventions at all.

In fact, cats seem not even to understand the concept of “art” as we do at all; they seem to regard any pattern of marks on anything as an acceptable potential piece of animal-repellent wall coverings.

So while you may enjoy looking at a cat’s artwork, you shouldn’t try to sell it or put it on the Internet or make money off it in any way. And you should certainly not talk about the theory behind your cat’s

As is well known, cats are the world’s greatest artists. They have been creating art since before humans were around to see it. The oldest known piece of art is a cat drawing on a cave wall in France. Scientists estimate that it is at least 37,000 years old.

Truly, nothing compares to the art of cats; the world would be a far grayer place without it. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do!

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