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Tree Art is a blog about creating the most beautiful skin you can have with the best products. The writer of this blog, Tree Arte, is a licensed cosmetologist and college student working toward her degree in cosmetology. In addition to her work as a Licensed Cosmetologist and esthetician, Tree Arte also has many years of experience in the skincare industry.

Tree Art has worked in many different states giving facials, waxing services and massages. She has had extensive training in microdermabrasion, injectables, chemical peels and all other aspects of skin care. She has helped clients through the entire process of caring for their skin from removing blackheads to helping them choose Botox or fillers.

The focus of Tree Art’s blog is on natural skincare products that help your skin look its best. As she says on her About Page:

“I am focused on providing my readers with valuable information about maintaining healthy skin so they can make informed decisions when it comes to their skin care regimen. I always want to be open and honest about my own experiences with each product that I review.”

This blog will be posting all its skin care secrets, product reviews and tips.

Tree Art will be a place you can come to learn all about the most natural looking skin care products that can give your skin a beautiful glow. You will have access to some of the best skincare products that are out there for great prices. You’ll also get tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy, vibrant and glowing at all times.

Treat yourself and your skin to Tree Art today.

Lately I have been using tree art as a form of meditation. This concept came from a book that I bought on my Kindle called, “The Power of Now.” It’s about being present in the moment and living in that moment. The author tells a story about a man who finds himself lost in the woods one day and tries to find his way out using tree art as a guide. He would cut different symbols into trees and use them as sign posts to help him get back home. The author uses this story as an example to explain how you can use tree art as a path to lead your mind back to the present moment.

In my experience, tree art doesn’t just lead your mind back to the present but provides you with peace of mind and helps you slow down. Whether it’s creating tree art or looking at it, it allows you to be in the moment and feel connected to nature. This is important when you want to create your most beautiful skin with Tree Art!

I am a skincare junkie, I admit it. I love the stuff. I love how a good cream can make my skin feel and look like silk. I love that if you do a little research and buy the best stuff, it will work and last for years and years. And I love that there are so many choices, and each person has their own preferences about what to buy, how to apply it, etc.

I have been writing about skin care for five years now at The Beauty Department (which is now owned by Yahoo Shopping). It’s been a really fun time — lots of great writing and meeting lots of wonderful people. But the blog is more of a hobby than anything else — not lucrative enough to live on — so as of today, my final post will be up.

I am very excited to soon be joining forces with some great people over at MindBodyGreen! They asked me to come on board as an editor for their blog about holistic health. The timing is perfect for me — my sons are getting older and I will have more time to devote to something I really love. And they are everything I could hope for in an organization: smart, innovative and focused on making the world a better place.



In the past, I felt like I had to use every product on the market. No matter what the cost, I believed that it had to be worth it because it was expensive. This caused me to have a long list of products that I would never finish using simply because there were too many of them. I found myself with rashes and breakouts and my skin was not radiant at all.

Towards the end of last year, I started to question my beliefs about products and realized that a lot of the things that I was doing hurt my skin more than they helped. So I decided to simplify my routine and use as few products as possible while still having healthy looking skin.

I ended up finding fewer products that worked better for me than the ones I had used before. The most important thing is to use only those things that you need and be careful with what you do to your skin, because your skin will tell you if something is wrong!

My new routine is a mixture of western and Asian skincare, which has been working great for my sensitive combination skin. The key is to find a routine that works for you as an individual and your body/skin type.**

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