Building a personal brand? Here’s How To Nail It

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Building a personal brand is a great way to increase your visibility, grow your business and become more successful. Nailing your personal brand is all about creating a meaningful impression.

So what is a personal brand? It’s the “you” that represents you to the rest of the world. It’s the face you put on when you’re marketing yourself, or launching a new product or service.

Your personal brand will be your most valuable asset in building your online presence, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some simple tips to help you create an effective brand image:

1. Know Who You Are:

The most important step in building an effective personal brand is knowing who you are and how you want to present yourself online. A strong sense of identity will help your business shine through and attract potential customers. You need to be comfortable with yourself before anyone else will be!

2. Know Your Audience:

It’s crucial that you know who your audience is before launching into any branding project. Without understanding exactly who’ll be viewing your site, you won’t know what kind of message to portray, what kind of tone to take or even how professional you should be in your presentation style. The more targeted and specific you can be, the better

Every professional creates a personal brand. Whether you know it or not, you do. Your brand is who you are and the way you present yourself to the world. How you show up in your business, and how others perceive you, make up your personal brand.

You can be deliberate about creating a personal brand or let it happen by default. Either way, building a personal brand means defining and communicating your values, strengths, skills and personality to others in a way that serves you well.

The process of defining your personal brand begins with self-awareness – knowing yourself better so that you can effectively communicate those aspects of who you are that will serve best in your business.

Think of the people whose presence, words and actions have the greatest impact on your life, relationships and work – what is it about them that makes them successful? What aspects of who they are do you like and want to encourage in yourself? What aspects do you feel less comfortable with? That’s what I mean by building your personal brand.

Your key to building a successful personal brand is really all about authenticity – being true to yourself – which stems from being clear about who you really are. To be authentic is to be real; it’s stating what’s true

Today, building a personal brand is a must for every successful individual. No one can afford to be an unknown in today’s world. “Some day everyone will know my name” and “I’m going to be a star someday” may sound good, but will not work in the real world.

A personal brand is the image you want to project about yourself. It helps to think of yourself as a product, complete with packaging and advertising. The perfect personal “brand” is one that allows you to stand out from the rest. This is accomplished by developing your own unique style with your clothing, hair, makeup, jewelry, etc.

Your personal brand should be consistent across all platforms including your website, social media accounts and professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Xing. Your brand needs to be developed entirely on your own without any help from others including family and friends because it’s important that you stay true to yourself.*

Personal branding is about crafting an image that you’d like others to see and believe. It’s about communicating your personal brand so that your true self or personality can be easily recognized by those who meet you for the first time.

It’s a type of self-promotion, but it can often be seen as a negative concept when used in reference to personal branding. Many people equate it with being an egotist. But, in fact, if done correctly, personal branding is about using key elements of your personality in order to accentuate what makes you unique and marketable as a person and employee.

The best way to build your personal brand is to understand yourself and the way that you want others to view you. That includes focusing on your skills, interests, hobbies and personality traits. In order to develop a strong brand, you have to focus on what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd.

View your personal brand as a portfolio of marketable skills, strengths and experiences — the key attributes that make you a good fit for the job for which you’re applying. If an employer doesn’t see you as someone who fits the job description specifically or has the potential for further growth within the company after hiring, he’s not going to

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Let’s start with a few definitions. Branding is focused on the perceived customer value attached to the brand, while marketing focuses on the market value.

Branding is not just a logo and tagline, it is your overall corporate identity which includes the following:

Brand name

Logo or icons

Corporate colors

Typefaces and fonts

Signature sound

Signature scent and feel (tap into senses)

A company’s brand name is its most important asset, and should be treated as such. Brand names have intrinsic value. They don’t cost anything to create (as do logos) but once created they can be leveraged for tremendous monetary gain. When a company develops a strong, unique brand name it identifies itself in a crowded marketplace and defines what it does for its customers. It gives people an idea of who you are and what you do without boring them with details.

The brand name is what people will remember about your company years after they’ve forgotten the logo. A strong brand name makes you memorable because it reflects your values and personality. A strong brand name makes it easier to sell your products or services because people trust it and want to buy from you.”

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