Bringing the Green in Green Dogs

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The blog is written by Nellie and her husband, both dog lovers. In fact, they are quite passionate about dogs. They have a Yorkshire Terrier, named Bijou, who is their inspiration and muse. They talk about Green Dogs and do reviews of different green products that they use on them. Some of the products reviewed include grooming tools, toys, treats and more. But their main focus is on the green shampoos that they use on their dog. They also show you how to make things like homemade dog shampoo.

Many people ask the question: “Why do dogs need to be green?” The answer is simple: because we humans are so careless with our environment, it’s important for us to take steps in being responsible pet owners. By making things greener for your pet, you’ll be helping out the environment too!

This blog also has a lot of other good information about dogs such as seasonal concerns and training tips. How does your dog get ready for winter? What do you feed him during the hot summer months? That’s just some of what’s covered in this blog.

This blog is updated several times a week with photos, tips and tricks on how to raise your puppy or dog in the most eco-friendly way possible

The Eco-Friendly Dog is not a dog that lives outdoors. He is a dog that lives inside and uses green products to keep clean and healthy.

Green dogs are eco-friendly, but the reasons for being green vary. Some dogs are “green” to help the environment and some are “green” to save money.

Some of the dogs in our house use no products at all while others use as many as five or six different products every week. But regardless of how much they spend on these products, they are all part of the Green Dogs team!

All members of Green Dogs pledge to help educate their owners about pet care issues and ways they can help better the world around them.

Ikea Art

Ikea Art is not just a creative outlet for my love of art, it is also a way to get the word out that green products can be affordable, safe and fun. The Green Dog Collection is an example of how you can use all-natural products to keep your dog clean, healthy and smelling great. It’s fun too!

          In creating this collection, I did some research on the chemicals and ingredients used in pet shampoos and grooming products. Some of the products I found contained parabens, formaldehyde releasing agents, artificial colors and fragrances, phthalates and petroleum derived ingredients. Many of these are listed by the Environmental Working Group as being potentially harmful or toxic to humans.     

          I created the Green Dog Shampoo Bar with coconut oil as its base. Coconut oil is antibacterial so it keeps bacteria from growing on your dog’s coat after a bath or after being out in the rain or snow. It helps relieve dry skin and it repels fleas. It is not tested on animals and it will not clog pores or interfere with your dog’s natural oils so his coat will be shiny and healthy looking! This shampoo bar can be used for any breed of dog

Yes, the picture above is a dog, not a bearded hipster. This is an animal that has been getting clean and healthy with one of our products, Green Dogs.

The way we see it, what it is doesn’t matter. Whether you are a cat or a dog or a human being or anything else, you can all enjoy the benefits of natural cleansing and grooming products like Green Dogs.

Treat your pet to cleanliness without polluting our environment with harmful synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Also, don’t forget about yourself! We have plenty of soap and shampoo options for people too. If you want to be green in the best way possible, do it from head to toe!

TUD is one of the best known names in pet care products. They produce dog shampoo, conditioner and face wash. Their products are suitable for all dogs and puppies. Their shampoos are pH neutral and contain natural ingredients which clean thoroughly without harming your dog’s skin or coat.

TUD has been on the market for over 30 years, that should be reason enough to trust their products. Plus they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All products come with an unconditional guarantee to protect your dog’s skin and coat against dryness, dullness or irritation. TUD also has many other benefits:

* Water-soluble formula that washes away easily.

* Free from parabens, petroleum derivatives and artificial colors

* Free from artificial scents and dyes

* Non-allergenic and non-irritating

IKEA Art Event: To celebrate the launch of the new TUD dog care range at IKEA stores nationwide (UK) we are holding a Dog Portrait Competition on Facebook at . All you have to do is like us on Facebook then share our post using

Hi there, I’m Deborah and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

I’m trying to find a good quality dog shampoo or cleaner that is good for the environment. I’ve tried all the pet stores around me but they don’t have anything that’s not made in China, which I am trying to avoid.

Any suggestions?

ikea dog art

Ikea is great for human beings and their dogs. Ikea offers low cost, innovative furniture, as well as eco friendly products that are good for the environment, your wallet and your pet. For less than twenty dollars you can purchase a wooden frame from ikea and fill it with dog beds, blankets and toys. Dog parents who use this hack say the best part about it is the fact that the dogs feel like they are getting a new bed everyday. The set up takes less than ten minutes to complete and then you can start decorating! You can place items inside the frame or hang them from the wooden frame itself. Brightly colored blankets or towels make cute wall decorations. You can also use your dog’s favorite toys as decoration items such as bone shaped chew toys hung from the wood frame.

If you don’t want to purchase an ikea frame you can also build one yourself using wooden beams, rope and hooks. Building your own frame will allow you to use any type of material including fabric, a blanket or even pillows that have an ikea pattern on them.

Ikea offers

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