Brief Tutorial on the Fade Technique in Drawing

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The fade effect is quite interesting and can add to the beauty of your drawings. The technique is simple, but it’s not easy to master. If you are not an artist, then this tutorial will be of great help to you. You will learn how to create a fade effect in pencil art drawing using different tools like:

1) Pencils – HB, B and 2B

2) Eraser

3) Blending stumps

4) Blending markers

5) Paint brush

6) Watercolor paints

7) Cotton swabs

8) Paper towels

9) Gesso (optional).

The fade technique is a simple but very effective pencil art drawing technique. It’s quite easy to do, and you can use it to create some great effects.

Using the fade technique in pencil art drawing is a great way of creating the illusion of depth in your drawings. This is especially useful if you are a beginner, because it will help you to build up your skills. If you want to work on your pencil art drawing skills, then this tutorial will be really helpful for you.

Tutorial: Fade

The Fade Technique:

Step 1: Start out with a very light pencil and lay down a couple of lines in the direction that you want your object to fade from or towards.

Step 2: Then blend that line by rubbing over it softly with the side of your eraser. You don’t have to rub hard, just gently. This will create a kind of shadow effect which gives the impression of depth. Continue with this all the way through your drawing until you get a result that you are happy with! That’s pretty much it! I hope this tutorial has helped you and that you’ve enjoyed reading it!**

I’ll demonstrate how to create a fade effect in pencil art drawing. This technique is quite simple and fun to do. I’ll also show you how to do the opposite, which is creating a sharp edge.

Edges are what make things look like they’re popping out of the page. It’s called a “white line” and it can be done with either graphite or charcoal.

The Fade Effect

The fade effect is created by using various grades of graphite or charcoal and smudging them out. You can enhance the effect by making the initial line thicker than you would usually draw it, so that there is more to fade away. We’ll start with a line drawn with an HB pencil:

Then we’ll add some more graphite on top of that line (using a 2B pencil) and blend it out. We don’t have to use only two different pencils; we could use three, four or five different grades of charcoal on top of each other, or a combination of charcoal and graphite. It makes for a softer transition:

The Sharp-Edge Effect

To achieve an opposite effect known as “sharp edges,” we’ll create a hard line with our pencil (we could use any medium really), then smudge it back

Fading is quite an easy technique to do, but can give you some lovely effects to your pencil art. First of all, you need to find a picture that you want to turn into a pencil drawing. I suggest going onto Google Images and searching for your favorite celebrities, quotes or scenes. After you’ve found one that you want, print it out and start with this step:

The Fade Technique is a way of drawing in pencil that gives you the result of a blending tool in Photoshop, but with much more control.

You start by drawing your subject with very light, sketchy lines. Then you go over the lines again and again – each time with less pressure on the pencil. Each successive line will be darker than the previous one.

TIP: Practice on paper before you try it on canvas. The Fade Technique takes a little bit of practice to get right, so don’t expect to master it immediately.

First, you need to start by sketching out your drawing on paper and then transferring it to a clean piece of hardwood. In order to create the fade effect, you need to draw the object roughly with the pencil lead first and then use different colored pencils to shade in certain areas (the lighter the area, the more detail). Additionally, you can use a regular

Fading is a great way to add depth and definition to any pencil drawing you want to create. It can be used for shading, as well as creating cool effects like subtle glows and even auras.

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