Behind the Art

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Behind the art: a blog about what goes into creating a piece of art. We would like to share our insights, techniques, and experiences with you. Our goal is to help you create better art and to inspire you to take risks and experiment with your art.

So what do we mean by “behind the art”? Well, when it comes to creating a piece of art, there are many steps that go into it – some might say too many. We want to help you understand how all those steps fit together, why they are important, and how they can be used in your own artwork.

We look forward to sharing this process with you. We hope that it will be beneficial for both us and you, and we also think it will be fun! 🙂

Please stay tuned! As we learn and grow through our own experiences, so do we hope to teach and improve others along the way!

Behind the Art is a blog about what goes into creating a piece of art. It’s by artists, for artists. We discuss techniques and materials, share tutorials, give critiques of art and design, and much more.

Behind the Art is a collection of articles written by artists and art lovers who want to share their passion and knowledge with others. We’re also always open to new contributors who have something valuable to say on the subject of art.

Behind the Art is a blog about what goes into creating a piece of art. This is not another blog about a specific artist, or art in general, but rather a blog that takes seriously the idea that if you are creating art, you are making meaning and doing it with intention. It’s an attempt to draw attention to the process of creating art — what it feels like, why we do it, what it means to us, and how we make choices while working.

A lot of this work is autobiographical — I am an artist myself — and my hope is that by writing about my experience creating these works I can share some insights into my process that might be helpful to other artists who are struggling with similar problems or who want to think more clearly about how they create.


Behind the Art is a new kind of blog, combining the behind-the-scenes view of art with an appreciation of art itself. Here you will find answers to questions like: What are they working on today? What do they really look like when they are working? How long does it take to paint a self-portrait? How do they feel about their work at the time and in retrospect?

Behind the Art gives you a behind-the-scenes view into the lives and works of artists, both contemporary and historical. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Artists usually don’t say much about the process of creating a piece of art. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it is because they are afraid that by explaining the steps involved, they will make their art feel less magical, and the audience will lose interest.

I disagree. Art is never just magic; it’s always a form of human skill and knowledge applied to some material. If you take apart a piece of art, you may be able to reverse engineer it and figure out exactly how it was done, but I doubt it will ever feel any less magical. If all artists insisted on talking about the process of creating art, we would stop thinking of them as magicians, which would be unfortunate, since one thing magic and art have in common is that they both can reveal truths about the nature of reality that would otherwise remain hidden.

I’m an artist. I’m very interested in what goes into making art. It’s not just a question of how the piece looks, or how it’s made; it’s about ideas and meanings and choices.

The most important thing you can do to improve your art is to learn how to see. I’m not talking about the kind of vision that comes from knowing what colors and shapes go well together, or from being able to mix paint. I’m talking about a way of looking at the world–or at least some part of it–that will show you where your art is good and where it isn’t, why there are things in front of you that you like, and why there are things that you don’t.

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