Become a Proud Member of the A.A.U. Alumni Association

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The A.A.U. Alumni Association welcomes all alumni of the Academy of Art University to become a proud member of the AAUAA and enjoy all that membership has to offer.

The AAUAA is a nonprofit association of past, present, and future students, faculty and staff from the Academy of Art University. Through the AAUAA, members will be able to get involved in their community, connect with others who share similar interests and work to advance their education. Membership also offers exclusive benefits and savings for members.

The AAUAA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status. All individuals are welcome in the A.A.U. Alumni Association!

Being a member of the A.A.U. Alumni Association is more than just keeping in touch with your former classmates and teachers! The A.A.U. has worked hard to create programs that will give you and your family valuable benefits, lifelong opportunities, and valuable information throughout your lifetime. Membership provides a connection to the leading art and design school in California, which could be extremely helpful in any future endeavors.

Description:There are many different ways to become a part of the A.A.U.’s Alumni Association, which is one of the most exciting memberships available! You can choose from four different levels of membership, each offering unique advantages for any level of involvement. As a member, you will receive special discounts on products and services offered by both the A.A.U., as well as companies that have partnered with them to provide their services to you at a lower cost! In addition, each level of membership offers its own benefits such as networking opportunities, invitations to exclusive events, educational workshops, seminars and classes for all ages, family discounts and much more!

Membership Options:

Alumni Level – $30-50/year This membership level is for anyone who has attended AAU within the last year (or hopes to

The Academy of Art University offers a variety of different memberships. Some are free, while others cost money. To become a part of the A.A.U. Alumni Association, you must choose which membership is right for you.

The free membership is available to all students upon graduation and includes access to alumni discounts and special events, such as reunions with your former instructors and job fairs with major companies across the nation.

Benefits of the paid memberships include a subscription to the A.A.U magazine, which offers information about incoming art classes and tips for careers in art, a subscription to e-News, which provides important updates about upcoming events and student news from around the globe, and an online career center that is available 24 hours a day and allows you to search for jobs in your field of study.

After deciding which membership is right for you, it’s time to submit your application online or by mail. For more information on how to become an A.A.U alumni member, visit .

Not sure which membership is right for you? Feel free to call our office at 1-855-698-2582 and speak with

There are a number of ways to become a member of the association. You can register through our website, or you can call one of our offices directly. We offer three different types of membership at the low cost of $10 each.

You can choose between an Individual Membership which includes a free President’s Club T-shirt, or a Family Membership which includes a free President’s Club T-shirt for every family member. You may also choose to purchase a Student Membership which includes a free President’s Club T-shirt and a 50% discount on tuition should you decide that attending A.A.U. is something you would like to pursue sometime in the future.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Google Checkout, as payment options for all memberships.

At A.A.U., we want to welcome you into our family and look forward to seeing your name on the list of some of the industries most successful alumni!**”

The purpose of the Academy of Art University Alumni Association is to foster, maintain and enhance a sense of community among all members by promoting social, cultural and spiritual activities. The AAUAA sponsors various alumni events during the year including receptions, sports outings and reunions.

The Academy of Art University is a nonprofit accredited university with the mission to provide quality education in the arts and sciences and provide opportunity for all.

The university offers certificate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in more than 50 areas of study. The university’s faculty members are active working professionals making them uniquely qualified to teach. Many are nationally and internationally recognized scholars and artists who actively participate in professional organizations, serve on editorial boards for scholarly publications, and lecture at national conferences.

The university has a unique curriculum that combines traditional classroom learning with real-world experience. Teaching methods include lectures, workshops, seminars, critiques and field trips. Classes feature small class sizes (averaging 20-24 students), hands-on project work and extensive guest artist lectures by working professionals from the arts and entertainment industry.

By providing access to a broad range of creative talent through its faculty, guest artists, visiting critics and alumni networks, the university fosters an environment that provides a strong support system for students to achieve career goals.

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