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This blog features some of the most beautiful works of art and artists, along with interesting and informative articles all pertaining to the world of art. Whether you are a lover of painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, or other kinds of visual arts, you will find something here that not only inspires but also helps to increase your knowledge about the history behind each piece. This blog will be updated regularly so that you can come back again and again to see what new items have been added.

Coming soon: more information on how you can share your own works of art with us!

This blog will be a catalog of art that inspires me in the hope that it will inspire you. The artists I feature have inspired me not just because of their beautiful work, but because of the messages behind them. Their art is a metaphor for something bigger than themselves, and I try to represent that by choosing a song in each post that relates to it.

In addition to featuring artists from all over the world, I would like to focus on artists who have yet to be discovered by the mainstream. My goal is to help spread art appreciation and awareness in all its forms as well as bring attention to up-and-coming artists.


Name:Museums With Free Admission

I am a huge fan of Art. It’s my passion in life, since I was a child. I have been in love with it ever since I saw my first painting at the age of 3. As I was growing up and studying Art History, I found out that there is a lot more to art than just looking at paintings and enjoying them, as if they are pretty pictures on the wall.

I am going to write about all kinds of art – paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography… everything!

In the past, I have seen many different people try to use various digital painting software and computer programs. Some of them like the software a lot but for some reason, their art does not look great. If you are into digital painting, I thought it would be good to share some tips with you on how to create beautiful art that inspires.

We will talk about how to choose a computer program or software and how to draw digitally. I will also point out some of the things that inspire me when I see an amazing piece of digital art.

These days, there are so many different software choices for artists. Many people online will tell you what they prefer over others but what really matters is what you like best. Last year, I wrote a blog post about my favorite graphics tablet for beginners which is still very popular today. Always remember that this is your journey and do not worry too much about what other people think about the computer program or software you choose.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about a particular software program or graphic tablet:

1) Is it easy to use?

2) Do you feel comfortable using it?

3) Does it come with lots of extra tools and options or not?

4) What type of brushes does it offer

A very good collection of links to modern art.

The site is divided into three sections “Art Links”, “Art History” and “Artist Links” .

In the first section you can find links to various sites eluding to artists, art movements, exhibitions, galleries etc.

The second section contains links to essays, articles and biographies on the history of art.

The third section includes a list of artists with a short description of their work and recommended sites.

Zoe Rainey is a talented artist, photographer and model from Birmingham (United Kingdom). She has been featured in international publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times and Vogue.

Check out these stunning photos of Zoe Rainey by Mark Mawson and tell us what you think!**

Art is one of the many things that people want to know more about. For some, it’s a matter of education and curiosity; for others, it’s something they’ve always done and want to learn how to do better. For still others, art is something they are seriously considering going into but have no idea how to get started. Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways to use online resources to learn about art.


Art tutorials exist for just about every kind of media out there. You can learn about oil painting, watercolor, drawing and even things like cartooning or sculpting. One of the advantages of digital art is that you don’t need much equipment or space to get started; in fact, most digital tutorials focus on this kind of work. You might not have the same kinds of materials at your disposal as an artist working in oils, for example, but you can still learn the basics and get some good advice on what paints to buy and how you can save money without sacrificing quality.

Art blogs

There are also all sorts of blogs dedicated to art, including blogs by individual artists as well as general-interest art blogs. Many artists who work in specific styles or genres will also maintain blogs so they can show off

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