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Artwork of the Month is a blog that will be established to provide art enthusiasts the ability to get a glimpse at new and upcoming artwork that we offer. This will also keep our clients engaged with us and be able to see our artists’ works in progress.

I have created a WordPress blog and have made sure that the formatting is appropriate for it to be included into our website and social media platforms, both of which are WordPress as well. I have also created an account on Facebook and Twitter so that we can promote this blog through various platforms. WordPress has RSS feeds which will allow us to send updates straight to our clients’ email inboxes.

This blog will help us create more of a connection with our clients by allowing them to see what we are up to behind the scenes. It will also help gain more traffic through our website. There will be opportunities for people to leave comments on the blog posts, which could turn into a great way for people to start conversations and get involved with the community. We may even include an art contest using this blog!

Artwork of the month would not only benefit us, but also benefit all those who are interested in getting more involved with art.*

Artwork of the month is a new blog that shares one piece of artwork from our gallery every month. It will include a short description about the artwork, a video, and different ways to buy it.

We want to connect with our audience and show them how many different pieces of art we have in our gallery. The post will also be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We want to create a positive image about us by interacting with our clients. We hope this initiative can make more people aware of our gallery and what we do for them.”

Artwork of the month is a blog that we plan to use to promote our artwork and get feedback from clients. The blog will be updated monthly with a new piece of artwork that clients can comment on and provide their input on the piece.

The purpose of this project is so that we can show off some of our pieces to our clientele, which may or may not have been seen before. Our hope is that they will enjoy the artwork and see what else we have to offer. In addition, the blog will be used as a platform to provide feedback and recommendations to artists on how they can improve their work.

Our website currently has a section for new items, but we want something with more depth and room for discussion.

Artists can also join our website as members and submit their artwork for a chance to be featured on the blog.

World Art Day is celebrated on the first Friday of December every year.  It is an international celebration of arts in schools, museums and galleries to highlight the importance of the arts in our lives.  This day was established by UNESCO in 1977 and is held on December 1st every year.

I invite you to become a part of this global celebration by displaying your artwork on World Art Day.  All types of art will be accepted including photography, crafts, paintings, drawings, ceramics, etc.

All art submitted must be new and have been created within the past 12 months.

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