Artists of the World, Unite!

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At the same time, however, it is a community founded on the idea of “shared values,” or rather “shared non-values.” An art community is an umbrella term for a collection of activities that are united only by their rejection of commercialism and the mainstream art world.

These activities include graffiti, street art, stencil art, and other forms of vandalism; street performance; guerilla art; body art; installation art; mail art; absurdist performance art; conceptual art; video installations.

At its core it is a rejection of both the business practices and the values of traditional artists. By rejecting these values and practices, artists have created their own communities and institutions which have little in common with the traditional institutions like galleries, museums, or collectors.

Artists use different materials, methods and styles. The arts are not a single thing.

But what if they were?

Artists have different goals, and reach them in different ways. Many artists don’t make money from their art, or even try to. Others are successful retailers and marketers. Still others are commercial successes but despise the art world.

What if there was one art? A community of people collaborating on a common goal: to create a beautiful world.

That might be an attractive idea to many people who want to do creative work but aren’t interested in the current art scene. It would help bring these people together, to improve each other’s lives and help build a better world for everyone.

The idea is not new; Plato suggested something like it 2400 years ago in his Republic . But the tools we have today could make it more practical than ever before.

Art is an expression of the soul and the beauty in creation. Artists are the ones who see this beauty first and interpret it into tangible forms. Art is about communication, about sharing something that cannot be found in any other way. It is a beacon of inspiration, a spark of imagination and creativity.

To succeed as an artist means to overcome some of the greatest challenges you will ever face. You must learn how to harness your creativity, how to find your own unique voice and how to share it with others. You need to understand both yourself and the society you live in if you want your art to have any real meaning.

This community is meant to help artists from all over the world realize their dreams while they work together towards a common goal: create more good art! Artists can not do it alone! They need people around them who will support them, give them feedback and motivate them when things get tough. Together we can find solutions for our needs that no one person can fulfill by themselves: a group of talented people who inspire each other!

The base’s main focus is on contemporary art but other media are welcome as well – photography, graphic design, writing and fine arts are all part of this community.

The publics of the world are looking for something fresh and new. I propose to do something about it through a new social structure which I call an art base.

Art bases will be home-like retreats where artists can gather together to share ideas and purpose. Artists are social creatures by nature, but when they come together in public, they tend to succumb to the tyranny of the majority.

The key is that each artist has a chance to share his or her vision with other artists face-to-face; then, when the group comes together, it is only as a whole that it makes decisions . This process is similar to the one used by small committees of the U.S. Congress, whose members have their own ideas about what is best for their constituents and then negotiate in order to find common ground for joint action.

Art bases will offer classes and support for members, allowing them to develop their artistic skills. They will also provide networking opportunities with potential buyers for art works…

By joining an art base, an artist will be able to take charge of her own career and make it happen!

The art community is about to collapse and hereafter every artist will live in a world of their own. Everyone will be a self-taught artist. No one will be interested in the life of others.

A class of artists who sell their work for money and are accepted as professionals, is being destroyed. The art market is already in a crisis. Art schools are closing and famous art galleries are closing too; they have to close because they cannot survive without selling expensive paintings.

Art is not a question of what you like or dislike. Art is a question of how to see the world in a new way.

If you like music, you’re good. If you can make music, you have the potential to be great. If you can teach others how to make music, you’re a legend. If you can inspire people to create their own art, then you are a god.

If you are looking for the purpose of art, look at the beauty of art. The purpose of art is to define and display beauty. Art is for art’s sake.

By beauty I mean whatever is most striking and interesting in any field. Beauty is not just visual, not just auditory, not just intellectual and not just emotional, but more likely to be all of them and more than any one of them.

This includes the beauty of science, the beauty of mathematics and logic, the beauty of language (especially poetry), the beauty of thought, the beauty of emotions (the sort that arise from human relationships), and even the beauty of physical objects themselves.

The purpose of art is to create beautiful things, but also to display them for other people to appreciate. Good artists create good art, because that’s what people want to see. So there isn’t a conflict between the idea that art should be created “for its own sake” and the idea that it should be created because it will be appreciated by others; they’re two ways of saying exactly the same thing.

Art is defined by its subject matter. There are many different kinds of art: music, painting/drawing/printmaking/graphics/films, writing/poetry/

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