Artist to Artist, This can be Your Moment in History

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This blog is a place to read about the art collectors market place. It’s for you, an artist to artist. We want to get you involved in the conversation and help you find your way around this crazy new world of auctions and resellers, scams and techniques.

We want this blog to be for your benefit and for our benefit too, because we want to provide a place where we can learn from one another. We’re all in this together, we’re all trying to figure it out, and if we all work together we’ll do better work and have more fun doing it.

No matter where you are or where you’re going, with the right tools and attitude, you can find your way here and make some magic happen.

Art is a serious business, there’s no getting around that. You can’t win if you don’t play. But we hope that by being part of the conversation, by being an active member of the community rather than an outside critic or passive observer, that we can have some fun along the way too.

A blog on art and the art collectors market place. Discuss the buying, selling and investing in the art industry. The content will be from a personal perspective of working with both artist and collectors over the last 12 years in Los Angeles.


NFT ART is a blog for the artist to artist and the art collectors market place.

NFT ART will be launched on January 1, 2017 and will address all aspects of collecting art.

NFT ART is an acronym for “Not For Trade Art”. The site will be dedicated to traditional fine art and fine art photography. Nft art will provide insider information as to how the treasures of the art world are obtained, where they are harvested and what it takes to obtain them. With so many people becoming interested in fine art, is a forum that brings veteran collectors together with new collectors by sharing their experiences, knowledge and wisdom.

The role of is to help develop your career in fine arts and fine arts photography by providing the most current information available on the global market place.”

NFT Art is a blog around the artists market place. We are a group of artists who are creating together and promoting one another’s work. We maintain an art studio in Brooklyn, New York, where we rent space to help support our creative efforts. You may have seen us share our work on Instagram, or read about us in Vice, The Huffington Post, The Independent or other publications.

Since we are artists of all disciplines, we welcome you to visit our website to see samples of our work, and to contact us if you wish to purchase any of our works or would like to arrange a studio visit.

You can follow us on Instagram @nftexhibit

Since the start of this new century, a new breed of art collectors have emerged. These new collectors are not only in it for the passion and the tools to express it, but are also here for the investment. This blog is a place where art collectors can find what they are looking for.

Communicating with other like minded collectors around the world. Sharing their excitement about upcoming shows and discussing their collections with others who share the same passion for art.

Not just for commercial transactions, but also to learn about how others evaluate an artist’s work as investment pieces or as collectibles that should be shared with family and friends.

This blog will bring together this community of individuals from all over the world who share one commonality….The Art Collector.”

For over one hundred years, the art world has been a game of elitist insiders and their clients. To many artists, the collector’s market is a mysterious place that they need to penetrate in order to sell more art. In fact, the entire concept of “selling” art is not understood by most artists since they have chosen to be independent of the gallery system and its middlemen who have traditionally served as gatekeepers between artists and collectors.

As we are all aware, this system is breaking down rapidly; a new paradigm for selling art will emerge soon. Contemporary Art Collectors are no longer satisfied with passive encounters with art that takes place in galleries or museums; they want to interact directly with artists online and offline. They want to hear the artist’s stories directly and in their own words.

This is an opportunity for contemporary artists to identify themselves directly with collectors instead of through galleries. It is an opportunity for them to develop an authentic relationship with their potential customers without the mediation of third parties. The blog and its participants can provide an introduction, a forum where questions can be asked and answered, where opinions can be exchanged on what makes good art and how it should be collected and displayed.

The blog will serve as a link between artists and collectors worldwide. The

You find yourself at the front of your class, or in the front row of a gallery, or in a show at an art fair. The artist has just spoken to you. He says something like:

“I made this work because I wanted to express my vision of the world we live in.”

Or “This work is my personal statement about the way I see things.” Or “This work is part of my lifelong investigation into the dualisms that are at the root of our existence.” Or some other version of a hard-to-question personal statement.

Seems pretty straightforward and sincere. You’re impressed by how authentic it seems. And you’re also intrigued if you know that other art collectors are also here and will be hearing all this soon enough.

You think to yourself “Is this what makes all these pieces valuable? This meaningfulness?” You think you could say something like that in the same situation, but then again, you would never be given the chance to say anything at all.

Suddenly you feel like a fraud; your own attempts at personal expression seem inadequate when compared to this guy’s earnestness and apparent clarity. (Or are they really so clear? Are there really just two kinds of things in the universe?)

You start thinking

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