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Artist ABC is a blog about artists you should know along with helpful tools to learn. The most recent post was about Artist XYZ’s work in the context of art history. It was a very detailed post about his work and the context in which it exists.

The blog includes a podcast series where Artist ABC talks about the artists he admires. The podcasts are recorded by Artist ABC himself with some help from his friends.

Artist ABC’s art is not for sale but he is always willing to give advice on how to get started as an artist or to help new artists improve their artwork or to help them find ways to show their work.


Name:Designer’s Blog

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Artist ABC is a blog about artists you should know, along with helpful tools to learn about art. It was founded in 2011 by a group of visual arts professionals who are committed to advancing the cultural conversation through discourse about contemporary art and its makers.

The website features profiles of emerging, mid-career, and established artists; reviews of exhibitions and books; interviews with curators, critics, and collectors; and essays on topics ranging from the state of the art market to the role of technology in contemporary practice.

The site is updated regularly with news of upcoming shows and workshops, previews of new books, videos, podcasts, and other media. And it also offers resources such as an events calendar and an extensive glossary – all free to users.

As a community, Artist ABC welcomes commentary as well as constructive suggestions for improvements and additions. All comments are moderated before posting to ensure that they are respectful toward fellow commenters and toward the people they refer to.

Welcome to the ABC Artist Blog! I’m a freelance artist and art blogger currently living in Baltimore, MD. I create art and write about it here on my blog. You can check out my portfolio of art here or contact me with any questions you have.

Welcome to a blog that is dedicated to promoting and helping artists get exposure. We’ve created this blog so our readers can learn about various artists and also be able to buy/download their work.

Our site has been developed to be an online gallery of sorts, where users can view art, read artist blogs, and even shop for their favorite pieces. We hope you enjoy your stay on our site!

I’m an artist. My name is A and C and I create affordable art out of recycled materials. I want to use this blog to show the world what I do and how I do it. Please feel free to browse my posts, leave comments, ask questions, and contact me if you want to commission a piece or if you just want to say hello! As for my work, I will be posting pictures of finished pieces and works in progress. Lots of works in progress!

We live in the age of art, but we are led to believe that art is for the rich. Art should be for everyone, but it has been commercialized and made expensive.

Art has reached the status of a luxury good like jewelry or cars because of the way artists have been compensated for their work. People who buy it feel they are buying something special because there is a limited supply and they are getting a good deal. This value makes it so expensive that only people with high incomes can afford it. But there are ways to solve this problem and make art affordable again.

There are two main ways that artists get paid: selling their work directly to consumers and getting paid by a business or organization which then sells the work to the consumer.

Artists usually make more money when they sell directly to customers because they get to keep most of the profit instead of giving most of it to a middleman (like a museum or an art dealer). Artists may decide to sell through these middlemen anyway because they think it will help them reach more people or get more respect from critics, but selling directly means having more control over your profits.

For example, if you sold your paintings online through your own website, you could cut out the middleman and sell them

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