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Art I Can Read, Boys I Like: A blog all about the art of reading comics and graphic novels.

Art I Can Read, Boys I Like is a blog all about the art of reading comics and graphic novels. It’s written by a girl who reads comics and adores the artwork found in them. She also likes to share her opinions on what she’s read with other people that enjoy the same kind of books.


A blog all about the art of reading comics and graphic novels. It’s written by a girl who reads comics and adores the artwork found in them. She also likes to share her opinions on what she’s read with other people that enjoy the same kind of books.

Here are some things you will find here:

1) Reviews on any comic or graphic novel that strikes my fancy, from mainstream superhero types to independent indy books. 2) Information on publishers, creators, new releases, etc that doesn’t really belong anywhere else on my site. 3) Lists of recommended reading for pretty much every taste imaginable. 4) Some additional art related articles that don’t quite fit in anywhere else on my site but which I was still too enthusiastic about not to post somewhere 🙂 5) Way more than four pictures of Chris Evans

Art I Can Read, Boys I Like is a blog all about the art of reading comics and graphic novels. It follows the adventures of a group of girls as they explore both new and classic titles in an attempt to find their favorites. There are also reviews of comics and graphic novels, interviews with artists, book recommendations and discussions of what it’s like to be a girl who enjoys comics and graphic novels.

A blog devoted to the art of reading comics and graphic novels? Say whaaaaaat? I know that people have been raving about how big the comic book market is for years. But can you really make money from reading comics? You betcha! And here’s why:

1) Women have been under-valued in the comic book market for decades.

2) Women are now making up for lost time by increasing numbers.

3) There are too few places where women can read reviews of graphic novels and comic books written by other women, so there is an opportunity to provide a valuable service while also creating a fun space for people to hang out on the internet.

4) Reading is an enjoyable activity that has health benefits, so people will want to talk about it with others.

5) There are many movies coming out that are based

Are you a woman or girl looking to expand your reading horizons with comics and graphic novel? Do you want to find some stories that feature women as more than romantic interests and/or victims? Are you looking for comic book recommendations from a female perspective?

Bedroom Art is here to help.

In this blog I share my thoughts on the comics and graphic novels I read. I also write essays about things like comic book shop experiences, the portrayal of sexuality in comics, and other topics that relate to my experiences as a woman reading comics.

This blog was started as a way to make it easier for women readers and fans of comics to find one another online. There aren’t many spaces on the internet devoted specifically to women readers, so this is mine. I hope you’ll stick around!

Please note: This blog contains mature language and images.*

One of the most exciting things about being a comics fan is being able to connect with other fans.

When you’re in a crowd, and you see that another person is reading a book from your favorite genre, it’s electrifying. You instantly feel connected to them; you’re like kindred spirits. It’s like seeing someone with a t-shirt from your favorite band.

But it feels something like that when you spot someone reading a comic you’ve read. When you see someone holding the kind of books that are important to you, you know that they’re the kind of person who understands what it means to really love stories and characters, who appreciates the art of writing and drawing, and who has found out how good it feels to be immersed in an interesting story.

It can be hard to find someone else who will understand why this comic or that graphic novel was so good, or why they’re so excited about their latest find. That’s where this blog comes in. I’m going to review books I’ve read recently and talk about why I liked them, and why I think others will too. Maybe we’ll have some fun arguments about what makes a good story, or what makes a good ending, or how much dialogue should be on each page…

I have been getting my comics on the interweb, or digitally, for over a year now. And I will never go back to print. The convenience alone is worth it, but it is not just that. There are so many new things you can do with digital comics, and there are also some things you can do that you can’t do with a print comic.

So what are these things? Well let’s start off with the obvious: you don’t need to carry them around with you. If you want to take your books with you on your commute, great! If you want to read them in bed, awesome! If you want to read them at work and someone catches you, no problem – no one will know what you’re reading.

Now I know that this does not sound like a big deal, but for me it is a huge perk. I am chronically unable to put down a book once I start reading it. So when I get home from work my first thought is always: “I should go do something other than read.”

But even if I could put the book down when I got home, it would still be nice to be able to bring it into my bedroom so that I could read it in bed. And then there is

It’s not just the fact that I’m a girl reading comics, it’s the fact that I’m a girl reading comics in my bedroom. There is something about this scene that just screams “weirdo” and “slut” all over the place.

The way I see it, if you have to have a label to define yourself, there is something wrong with you. So for me, being a nerd is about having interests and passions, and loving them so much that you will throw yourself into them with all your soul. It doesn’t matter what those passions are or how you express them. Being a nerd is an attitude and an identity, not a lifestyle. It means that if someone judges you based on a single aspect of who you are, they aren’t seeing the whole picture.

On the one hand, I can certainly understand why many people do see graphic literature as not “real” literature and therefore feel the need to put it in its place. On the other, I find it disturbing to think of comics as a genre of entertainment that needs to be policed and controlled.

Tone matters and it’s what makes a blog. Not only is tone clearly communicated by words, but it is also communicated through images. It is important that your blog has a consistent tone throughout all your work, because in order for readers to read your work they must be able to trust you. That is why your blog should have a professional look and feel to it that makes your readers want to know more about you and your blog.

A professional blog is one that looks like it belongs on the internet and appears like a legitimate source of information. This is achieved through consistency in design, layout and content. Consistency means being focused on one topic(s) or theme(s). A consistent style means related visual elements are used throughout the site such as header images, font sizes/types, colors, image sizes/locations etc.

As a general rule of thumb when creating a blog make sure you answer the following questions: Who are you? What

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