Art For the Senses

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Art For The Senses is a one-person blog by artist, writer and designer Erika Balsom. It’s where I blog about how art affects our senses, and showcase my own work.

I’ve been fascinated by how art affects our senses since I was a young child. In my early teens, I read a book about the history of color in Western Art, and then took an undergraduate course in Western Art History. My thesis project at School of Visual Arts was a series of paintings inspired by the different stages of William Turner’s color theory. In college and graduate school I studied painting with some amazing artists who helped me to develop a personal style.

I am currently working on a series of new paintings that focus on the connection between art, science and culture. Some studies from this series will be posted here as well as articles about my experiences studying and making art at the College of Fine Arts in Baghdad from 2012-2013.

Art has a direct affect on the senses, and I find that fascinating. With this blog I hope to explore how art affects our sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We are surrounded by art in nearly every aspect of our lives today, yet we often take it for granted. Art can be found in visual arts such as painting, sculpture, photography and architecture. It also can be found in music, dance and film.

The line between art and design is a thin one, if it even exists. Both create objects with aesthetic value. Designers and artists alike need to understand the human senses and how to appeal to them. This blog provides information on how art affects our senses.

I have been making art since I was a young child. From the time I could hold a crayon, I knew that I loved to create colorful and happy drawings that caught the attention of all who saw them. As I grew older, my interest in art grew as well. I started to study the work of various famous artists and learned about their techniques, practices, and philosophies. This greatly enhanced my appreciation for art in general, as well as my own work.

I am now an art student at a local university and look forward to sharing my knowledge and love for art with others through this blog. With each article posted you will learn new things about art and how it affects us through our senses. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The history of art is the history of human creativity. I love to share my passion for that history by presenting information about how artists and art affects our senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. I hope you enjoy learning about art and the senses with me.

Art affects our senses. The artist, who is a creator of beauty, has the power to affect or convey emotions and feelings of an individual or a group of people. Art also exposes, what we call the senses.

The artist uses his power of imagination to express thoughts or feelings through art. Through his/her creation, he/she is not only expressing his/her own emotions but also exposing the emotions of other people.

Art gives us a platform to expose our own ideas and emotions in the form of paintings, sculptures, and drawings. It is a way for us to express ourselves by using different forms of art.

The process of creation mixes with the emotion being expressed in order to create something that conveys meaning and feelings to other people.

Art also gives us a different meaning in life because it helps us understand and appreciate things that we might have never thought about before or things that we might have taken for granted before. Art is found everywhere and it can be used in many ways because everyone has something to say.

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