Are You Looking for inspiration? Go Ahead and Google One

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Featuring interviews with 50+ artists, including Chris Ofili, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, and more! Are You Looking for inspiration? Go Ahead and Google One is a blog about looking up artists who inspire you.

The internet is an incredible resource for artists who are looking to discover new artists that they can draw inspiration from. The keyword search “artists who inspire you” will give you a list of amazing artists, many of whom are not well known. There are hundreds of thousands of artists on the internet, and only a small percentage have been discovered by the public. Finding and sharing new artists is a great way to stay inspired and motivated to continue creating your art.

It’s also important for artists to remember that imitation is the best way to improve your skills. Artists who have mastered their craft have spent years learning from others and adapting their learning into something unique and special. The blog Are You Looking for Inspiration? Go Ahead and Google One features several different categories of inspirational artists such as painters, sculptors, photographers, animators, cartoonists and even designers.

Art Media is a blog about looking up artists who inspire you. It came into being when I got tired of searching for the profiles of artists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. I wanted to see their most recent artworks, their best ones, their studio pictures and so on. So I started this blog as an archive of links that might be helpful to other people too, who are also looking for inspiration and want to find out more about the artists they find interesting.

Tired of reading? Watch videos instead. Enjoy!

Are you looking for inspiration, for some new ideas? There is nothing better than to look at artworks. But it is sometimes hard to find the artist who really inspires you. I have searched on the internet for an artist that could inspire me, and why not sharing the result of my searches with you?

I am not a professional critic and I don’t pretend to be one. My opinion will be subjective. So, if you want to know more about an artist or if you want a real critic’s opinion, I suggest looking on Google or WikiArt.

Tired of searching? Want a faster way to find artists? Try the “art-joke” button on the right side of this blog (or just click here). You may get angry at first, but go ahead, try it! If you are tired of your own artworks, maybe it will be a good laugh! Many artists have been inspired by other artists so you can do the same with them 🙂 Good luck!

As I search for new artists to add to my art collection, I’m constantly looking at the art of others. I enjoy looking through the portfolios of artists that inspire me and have found a few that I would like to share with you.

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Art is a huge subject. It consists of everything you can see or touch or hear that has been created by human beings. You can’t make art unless you’re inspired by something, so there’s no sense pretending that inspiration is unimportant.

It might be useful to start by asking what we mean when we talk about inspiration. The word comes from a Latin verb meaning “to breathe into.” So it means taking something that already exists and breathing new life into it. To say that someone is inspiring us is to say that we’re breathing life into something they didn’t create, and the fact that we’re doing it for ourselves doesn’t change anything.

Tottering piles of old books are piled in every corner of my studio. I find myself spending more time reading than making art these days, and I’m not sure why. I’ve never been one to spend large amounts of time online, but recently I have had a need to Google things like “how do you make your own brushes” and “how do you fix a broken palette knife.” The answer (for both questions) was, of course, “you don’t!” and that got me thinking: Where does the desire to self-teach come from?

Probably the internet has something to do

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