Are You an Artist? How to start your very own etsy shop

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As an artist and a designer, I am asked often, “How do I start my own etsy shop?” This blog is the answer to that question. My hope is that this blog will give you all of the information you need to start your very own etsy and/or online store!

Wanna take a peek inside? Check out the links below for access to my free patterns, tutorials, and other great content!

If you are new to Etsy or just starting out, I suggest checking out The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Etsy Shop from It covers everything from choosing a shop name to setting up your store’s appearance to creating listings, running your shop, shipping, customer service and much more.

I also recommend reading The Etsy Success Handbook by Ilise Benun. It’s packed with useful information about how to run an Etsy business. You can purchase it here or in most bookstores.< To start an online store on Etsy, you need to know some requirements and all of them are very easy. You can find them in the web or you can ask for free help from a professional. Thing you will need is your passion, it has to be something that makes you wake up in the morning and do not want to go back to sleep until you do whatever it is that you love doing. I believe everyone has one or more passions. If they have checked out my blog and my posts, they have probably figured out by now that I love art. I cant think of anything else that would make me wake up in the morning and not want to go back to sleep until I do whatever it is that I am creating that day. The second thing you will need is some kind of talent and skills. I have always been told that you are born with your talents but not everyone has been blessed with talents they can use in their daily life. There are many people interested in arts, music, writing and so on but there are not many who succeed because they lack the skills needed to become famous artists or musicians. What is an artist? What makes a person an artist? How does an artist act? What does an artist look like? How If you have some artistic ability, or even if you don't and know someone who does, you can start an Etsy store. This article provides information on how to do that. If you have the talent to create great works of art and the passion to do it every day, then becoming an artist is not a problem. But if you're not sure that you're going to be able to create a lot of art, or if you don't have a burning desire to make art for the rest of your life, becoming an artist might be more difficult than you think. Trying to make art is hard. There are many good artists who fail at their profession because they simply can't make enough art consistently. They may get discouraged and quit or they may keep trying but never produce anything good enough to attract customers. Either way, their failure isn't because they lack talent. Art takes time, effort, dedication and commitment. If you think you don't have enough time or energy to spare, or that starting your own Etsy shop is just too much work, then perhaps being an artist isn't right for you. But if you are someone who has always dreamed of being an artist but never thought that it was possible…if you've thought "I could never sell my work" or "I'm not good enough"…if making money from your creations excites you and scares you at the same time…if your whole body tingles If you feel like you've got a great idea for a product, but aren't sure if it's worth your time to pursue, don't worry! Check out this blog for some helpful hints about how to get started with your Etsy shop. Artists have been creating and selling their art for thousands of years. In fact, selling art is one of the oldest businesses in history, and a person who makes art and sells it for money could be described as an entrepreneur in the business of art. The art business has changed a lot over the years. Today, it is possible to sell artwork from your home or even from your own hand-made store online. People love buying handmade goods, especially if they are made by local artists. Starting an online store is not difficult to do, but you do need to know what you're doing if you want to make a profit. If you are wondering whether you are an artist, the first thing to realize is that different people have different definitions of what a "real artist" is. To many, being an artist is all about being creative, taking risks and doing things that are outside one's comfort zone. For others it's more about being able to make a living at something you love. Thing is, if you're asking yourself the question "Am I an artist?", then most likely you already have some kind of artistic inclination. The trick is to tap into that potential and see where it leads you. It's like a treasure hunt: you don't know exactly where the treasure lies, but you can be pretty sure it's hidden in the mountains somewhere. So what are the clues? Well, there are plenty of hints if you know where to look for them. Some artists wake up early in the morning with a burst of energy and inspiration flowing through them; others feel inspired after spending time in nature; still others need to get away from other people before they can be creative (and/or get plenty of sleep). But even if you don't yet have any strong preferences, think back on times when your attention was held by something beautiful or interesting - was it a painting or poem

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